Contribute to local development

Contribute to local development

This means first and foremost respecting and "not spoiling" the local environment and doing everything possible to preserve local life, its people, culture and nature. It also means ensuring that the local community benefits from the fruits of the Resort's presence by contributing positively to its development, and by acts of solidarity. Last but not least, the Club aims to help its guests get to know and love the host country.


The respect of the host country and its population is one of the Club's founding principles. For example, the 1952 Club Med Trident brochure explained to GMs: "it is our constant concern that certain fundamental principles be upheld; Club Med would lose its purpose, were it to lose sight of them. For example, whether it be in Italy, Yugoslavia or Greece, Club Med must represent the values of good manners, politeness, sociability and impeccable behaviour".

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The mere presence of a Club Med Resort on its territory automatically brings economic and social benefits to a region, but it is the Club's aim to go further, and to constantly strive to maximise and extend these benefits.

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Club Med's "All Inclusive Holiday" formula by no means implies that the Club is a closed environment. On the contrary, Club Med gives everyone the opportunity to explore and discover at their own pace, through the activities organised inside and outside the Resort, excursions or tours further afield.

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