Protect the environment

Protect the environment


Club Med has always sought to manage water resources as efficiently as possible. As water becomes an increasingly precious resource, the Club continues to progress in this highly strategic area.

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Its GOs constitute the Club's largest source of renewable energy!
GMs are well aware of this Club-specific energy source, but are probably less aware of the more discreet but equally professional managment of the Resorts' technical resources, one of which is energy.

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A careful approach to waste managment is another vital factor in limiting the environmental footprint of a Resort.

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Club Méditerranée's policy for the preservation of biodiversity means:

  • sustainable building
  • careful management of grounds and gardens
  • an eco-responsible purchasing policy
  • raising the awareness of GOs and GMs
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    Raising awareness

    "Where happiness means the world, we must look after it" is the slogan adopted to incite GMs to respect the environment in their habits and behaviour throughout their stay.
    The choice of activities and equipment proposed in its Resorts is part of the Club's policy to raise GMs' awareness of the environment.

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    Leading the way

    Because fast and steady progress on environmental issues is the only way forward, Club Med strives to improve its sustainable development policies constantly, and to ensure cutting-edge management in this vital area, "because progress must be measured".

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    Limiting the impact of transportation on the environment

    Only 5 to 10% of Club Med holidays use "transoceanic" transport (90% of European GMs stay in Resorts in the Europe-Africa zone, 99% of Asian GMs stay in Asian Resorts, 96% of North American GMs spend their holiday in North American Resorts and 95% of South American GMs choose Resorts in the South American zone)
    That said, it remains evident that travel, and particularly air travel, is an essential factor in Club Med's activitiy, and impacts the environment.

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