Green Globe Awards

Green Globe Certifications

Club Med is pleased to announce the receipt of Green Globe Certifications for their Club Med Asia resorts, Cherating Beach, Bali, Phuket and Sahoro - nature’s paradise set in four distinctively picturesque locations, have passed the requirements to be recognized as Green Globe destinations. The first of which was eco-nature resort of Club Med Cherating Beach.

What is Green Globe certification?

Green Globe Certification is the tourism and travel industries’ certification program for sustainable tourism. The Green Globe stamp of approval proves that those bearing its mark, save energy, water and resources, reduce operational costs and positively contribute to the benefit of local communities and the environment. Green Globe Certification provides certification for the sustainable operations and management of travel and tourism companies, plus their related supplier businesses.

Club Med strives to be the Eco-Nature Resort for all

At Club Med, our most strongly held beliefs are that great holidays are about capturing and experiencing the exceptional. Club Med also believes your surroundings have everything to do with that. As is our custom, the location of each Club Med Resort is carefully selected to bring the best of nature to GMs. In fact, respect for nature is a prime consideration at all our resorts. We do this to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy and soak in the pleasure of the breathtaking natural beauty all around, while keeping the natural resources around for years to come. From its origins, Club Med was created to provide access to a preserved natural environment, which makes respect for nature an integral part of our very mission.




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