Eco-responsible products


A "Wood Purchasing" charter has been drawn up and sent out to all Club Med purchasing managers worldwide, to encourage the purchase of certified woods and look for substitutes to non-certified tropical wood species such as robinia.


The paper used for all brochures in Europe, USA and Canada is 100% recycled or certified (PEFC for Europe). The French and Lyon offices are also supplied with PEFC (Pan European Forest Council) certified paper. This is the European label that guarantees paper from a sustainably managed forest.


The Club Med's buffet restaurants do everything in their power to serve only fish that is not in danger of extinction. For example, Bluefin tuna will no longer be served as long as it is threatened by overfishing. The Club's "Fish Purchasing Charter", indicating the species currently in danger that are not to be purchased, and species that are threatened by overfishing, has already been implemented in the vast majority of Resorts.

Phytosanitary products

The Club has defined a restrictive purchasing policy for all physosanitary products.


The Club Méditérannée is the SNCF's (the French national railways) leading tour operator client. Train + transfer + stay packages are systematically proposed for our mountain Resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland, and 12 to 15% of customers choose this option.

Organic products

The Club's purchasing policy encourages the purchase of organic and fair trade produce. For example, at Cap Skiring the majority of fruit and vegetables proposed in the restaurants come from a local organic fruit and vegetable farm. All the French Resorts serve fair trade tea and coffee for breakfast.

Fair trade

As far as possible, Club Med purchases fair trade products with the Max Havelaar label (for example, the breakfast tea served in France) and other supplier labels recognised by NGOs, such as AAA-certified Nespresso coffee, developed in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. From 2008, one third of GOs in Club Med Resorts worldwide have been wearing outfits made of organic, fair trade cotton.




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