Get the whole supply chain involved

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The Club's 20,000 suppliers, both local and international, play an essential role in the group's stragegy, the idea being to get each member involved in a spirit of respect for the customer, the local economy and the principles of sustainable development.

It's in the contract

Since 2006 Club Méditerranée's suppliers have been invited to share the values of the group, by accepting the terms of a new ethical clause in their contract. This includes:

  • respecting Human Rights
  • vigilance in discouraging all degrading practices (moral and sexual harrassment)
  • refusing child labour
  • refusing all forms of discrimination (sex, race, religion and politics)
  • contributing to the protection of the environment

  • Progress together

    Suppliers are also encouraged to develop sustainable policies in terms of products and services proposed, and the Club accompanies them in this process.
    For example, fruit and vegetable suppliers are encouraged to reduce waste by reducing packaging, with the help of Eco-Packaging audits.
    Another example: with the encouragement of the Club, Nespresso set up a recycling operation for its capsules in French Resorts.





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