Values and initiatives that are part of our history

Harmonious landscaping

The first Club Med Resorts were tent villages, which could be taken down, followed by traditional huts, which had a very low ecological footprint. The Club's construction policy has always included harmonious integration with the local environment, use of local materials and architectural techniques and the conservation of endemic species.

Saving water and energy

Energy efficiency and saving water have always been a major concern. Club Med's Resorts being frequently located in remote spots, the policy has often been to develop self-sufficency in terms of energy and water. Club Med is consequently familiar with such practices as the use of natural ventilation, nighttime watering, treating waste water for recycling purposes, etc.

Renewable energies

The need to produce its own energy in remote spots with no infrastructure led Club Med to become a pioneer in alternative energies. In 1978 the largest solar energy installation in Europe was at the Club Med Boucaniers Resort on Martinique!

Treating and recycling water

Club Med also has a long experience of waste water treatment techniques. Wherever it found no satisfactory sewage system, the Club built its own systems to avoid discharging waste water into the environment, and in the majority of cases the recycled water is used to water the grounds and gardens.

Thousands of GOs committed to solidarity

The Club Méditerranée Foundation was established in 1978, one of the first foundations of its kind. For over 30 years, it has devoted its energies to encouraging Club Med staff to do voluntary work in the vicinity of its Resorts and offices, and has facilitated the recycling of Club Med equipment for the use of local associations. It is a major player among the world's corporate foundations active in operations of solidarity and patronage.

"Living together" is our savoir-faire

With its specific mix of local and international customers and staff, the Club Méditerranée spirit is founded on a culture of tolerance and open-mindedness, a special art of "living together" in a melting pot of religions, nationalities and backgrounds that has helped to make it a phenomenon in its own right, far more than a mere "holiday provider".

Contributing to local development

Club Méditerranée has always striven to contribute to a region's development, building up a network of longterm relations with the communities and countries in which it is established.
For example, in February 1960 an earthquake destroyed the city of Agadir killing 15,000 people. King Mohamed V was determined to rebuild the region rapidly, and the Club responded by building its first Resort in more durable materials, contributing to the revival of the region's tourist industry and economy.

Quality has always been part of the service

"Were you pleased with your holiday?" The Club Med was one of the first groups to systematically put the question to its customers at the end of their stay, back in the 1950s. A pioneer in the art of customer satisfaction questionnaires, "taking pleasure in giving pleasure" has always been part of Club Med's corporate culture.




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