Our contribution: local jobs

The variety of activities proposed in a Club Med Resort explains the high number of jobs created in this sector. Almost three quarters of job creations are local.
The Club puts great emphasis on improving the skills of local staff to ensure their upward mobility, with a staff training programme that focuses on geographical and professional mobility.
Our reliance on local service providers makes a dynamic contribution to the local economic and social environment. A considerable number of indirect jobs are also generated through the presence of a Club Med Resort, though difficult to quantify in tems of precise figures.

Our contribution: local purchasing

The vast majority of goods and equipment purchased by a Club Med Resort throughout the year are made locally (between 75% and 99%, averaging at 85%). Though some of these purchases - the precise figure is impossible to estimate at the present time - are imported by the local supplier, this figure demonstrates Club Med's desire to work as far as possible with local producers, partners and distributors.

Our contribution: transfer of know-how

Its international vision and culture of innovation means that Club Med is often in a position to implement technologies that were previously inexistent in the host country. For instance, Club Med installed the first ever waste water treatment plant on Mauritius in 1973. In 2006 the Club installed an ecologically state-of-the-art waste water plant in it's second Resort on the island, la Plantation d' Albion. In Senegal, the waste disposal facility at the Cap Skirring Resort has enabled other local rural communities to acquire the know-how to install similar facilities.

Our contribution: combat counterfeiting

"Buying a fake is no minor affair": counterfeiting encourages clandestine workshops, stifles a country's economy and local creativity, and makes it impossible to implement social and environmental standards. It consequently works against healthy local and sustainable development.
Club Med has chosen to help fight this problem by signing a partnership with UNIFAF. Find out more:

Encourage spirit of enterprise: partnership with AGRISUD

Club Med's involvement in local economic development inspired its partnership with AGRISUD. Club Med is the first AGRISUD’s touristic partner. Since 1986, this NGO has fought against poverty in Southern countries by helping the creation of very small compagnies. For example, in Senegal, a group of 40 women grow organic fruits and vegetables that are served in Club Med restaurants. Find out more:

Beyond contribution: solidarity

Established in 1978, initially under the auspices of the Fondation de France, the vocation of the Club Méditerranée Foundation is to initiate and support solidarity projects in host countries. The Club Med gives its support only to projects presented by GMs, concerning missions of volontary solidarity (long-standing or one-off); it distributes equipment that comes available in its Resorts to the relevant assocations that can use this material, and since 2007 has encouraged customers to contribute to its action.
In its 30 years existence the Foundation has become a major player in the realm of international solidarity. Find out more : Club Med Fondation




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