Presence of the host country in the resort

The Resorts are the customer's first contact with the host country, and the starting point of their discovery. The Club has always designed its Resorts with an eye to the local culture and traditions, both in terms of architecture, decoration and cuisine. For example, as early as 1965 the Agadir Resort had a traditional Turkish bath and Moorish tea room.

Presence of local culture in our activities

The activity programme is another reflection of local culture, with emphasis on dance, cuisine, language and talks about the host country. There are some original activities, such as a class and demonstrations in Martinique to learn about head carriage, and sculpture workshops in Senegal using scrap material, run by a local artist.
Every week the Resorts organise an evening, a day, or special events devoted to aspects of the host country and its culture.

Our excursions: an invitation to discover the Resort's surroundings

The vast majority of Resorts have an Excursions desk that proposes a wide choice of excursions and invites GMs to visit the coutnry. Child-minding services make it easy for parents to take advantage of these outings, and around a third of GMs generally do so during their stay.
The "Pleasure of Discovering New Cultures" Resorts go even further; Cancun Yucatan, for example, has included an excursion in its all inclusive package since 2006.

Our tours: an invitation to discover the country

From the outset, alongside its Resorts the Club Méditerranée has proposed tours or a combination of Resort and tour. Club Med Discovery proposes a selection of tours for those who wish to explore further. Over 15,000 people a year take advantage of this service, in small groups with excellent guides. The opportunity to discover the country's fascinating sites in a privileged way, in close contact with the local population.




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