Quality and satisfaction are our watchwords

GMs have their say in the Resort

Nowhere else but Club Med is there such a "special relationship" between staff and clients. From the first day and throughout their stay, GMs develop a special bond with the GOs and GEs who run the Resort and man the activities.

GM feedback

GM Feedback is the centralised system whereby after their stay, GMs are asked to fill in a detailed customer satisfaction questionnaire, sent out by post or email, with an extraordinarily high return rate of 40% ! This in itself says a lot for the GMs' feeling of belonging to a brand and product that they are committed to improving by their participation.
The results of this in-house benchmarking tool are analysed and taken into account in the daily management of the Resorts and the Club's more long-term objectives.

Analysis of GM mail

The comments made by GMs in letters to the customer relations department (and sometimes on the questionnaires) are an additional source of comments, on top of the statistics obtained through the customer satisfaction questionnaire.

  • The remarks made by GMs in these letters are sent to the Resorts and departments concerned for immediate action.
  • At the end of the season a transversal analysis is made covering the entire network of Resorts.

  • Analysis of GM mail

    Quali Signs are the Club Med service standards: they group together the standards of service, know-how and behaviour that add up to the level of quality perceived by GMs, for all positions (115 in total) in all Club Med Resorts. "Pro-Signs" are procedures that explain how GOs and GEs are expected to do their job in accordance with the standards defined by the Quali Signs. These essential tools are updated every season.

    Quality control

    Each Resort has its internal monitoring system for quality control, in addition to which the Resorts are visited by "mystery guests":

  • these mystery visitors are recruited and trained by a specialist service provider
  • they rate the Resort on 1,200 criteria
  • the Chef de Village receives the visitor's report within 10 days after the visit, a precious tool enabling the Chef and his team to act on a number of points that may benefit from improvement.

  • Staff training

    The Resort teams are regularly encouraged to reflect on their service and performance, and receive all the relevant and appropriate training.
    In-house and outside trainers, role plays and a variety of other tools are used to work towards constant improvement. The Club's annual Campus event is the opportunity for the majority of GOs and GEs to get together for training and learning sessions. This constant focus on quality has become a highly effective management tool that enables the Club to implement quality improvements requested by GMs, in real time.

    Improving our assessment tools

    New assessment tools have been introduced to take account of the changing clientele. The assessment criteria have been adapted, putting greater emphasis on behaviour and attitudes, essential factors in premium service. The GM Feedback questionnaire has been broadened to include precise appreciation of ambience, comfort, entertainment and respect of the environment. This information enables us to continually update our response to GMs' quality requirements.

    Constant progress

    Club Med measures satisfaction by the rate of GMs who judge the service "VERY good", not just "Good". The Club's ambition is to enchant GMs, not just satisfy them. The entire workforce is mobilised on a daily basis thanks to the panoply of tools in place on a permanent basis. Satisfaction is the sanction of the central role given to quality by the Club and its GOs: in the past 10 years the rate of GM satisfaction has risen steadily.




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