Prevent discrimination

Multiculturality is one of Club Med's essential values

Multiculturality is one of Club Med's essential values: it employs 94 different nationalities in 80 Resorts (80% of its GM teams contain more than 8 nationalities!) and the group has always gone out of its way to encourage people of all socio-cultural origins to move up in the world. It was a founder signatory of France's Charter of Diversity in 2004 and has always been committed to fighting discrimination through such measures as encouraging the employment of handicapped people, parity between men and women and discouraging discrimination on racial grounds.

Mission Handicap

The creation of its Mission Handicap in 2007 enabled the Club to adapt its recruitment and integration procedures for handicapped people and to create new permanent jobs.

Preventing discrimination with the AVERROES project

Since 2005 the Club has been part of the AVERROES project that strives to reduce discrimination in the workplace. One major study concerned the influence of a candidate's name in the recruitment process, and on an employee's level of pay and promotion. Such studies, under the auspices of the National Council of Liberties, carried out on the group's employees and candidates for employment, represent a pioneering initiative in corporate management.




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