Saving energy

The Resorts' energy consumption is monitored constantly, and the most up to date systems installed to regulate consumption, with automatic cut-off systems for heating and air conditioning, key-tags, energy-saving light bulbs, etc. In 2010, more than half of the villages have at least 5 systems of energy saving.

Developing alternative energies

Club Med was a pioneer in solar energy back in 1978 on Martinique, and has continued to develop innovative systems.
50% of Club Med Resorts have alternative energy sources such as geothermal or solar energy (in Morocco, solar panels at Agadir and a solar preheating system for hot water at La Palmeraie at Marrakech). Some Resorts have systems that recuperate heat from air-conditioning and cooling systems. These alternative methods are automatically integrated into all new building projects.

Monitoring C0² consumption and emissions

The Tech Care environmental reporting system monitors energy consumption precisely per source and per usage, and calculates CO emissions for the Resorts.

It's our joint responsibility

In the same way, customers and staff are regularly reminded of the gestures that contribute to saving energy, and encouraged to adopt them.
For example, a list of energy-saving gestures (and those to avoid) illustrated by their impact on consumption has been drawn up for each sector, and distributed to all Resorts.




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