Raise the awareness of GOs and GMs

Informing GMs about eco-friendly gestures in the Resorts

GMs are encouraged to use water and energy sparingly and to protect nature, via the welcome message, information panels and information sheets displayed in the rooms.
They are invited to indicate to housekeeping staff if they do not wish to have their towels washed daily. In some Resorts a fact sheet listing the principal eco-responsible gestures is distributed in the rooms (recycling plastic bottles, switching off lights, heating and air conditioning, etc).

Informing GMs about eco-friendly gestures during excursions

Where happiness means the world, and includes respect for others
In the Club's African and European Resorts, the Excursions desk displays and gives out to GMs a charter explaining the principles of respect for the local population, culture, environment and economy. The charter recommends the correct behaviour to adopt to preserve the resources and ecosystem of the host country. Several versions have been drawn up, depending on the specific features of the host country, culture and issues. Each charter exists in French and English. The charter will gradually be extended to Asia and America.

Nature trails and outings

At La Plantation d'Albion the Club informs residents about the workings of its eco gardens (filter system) and describes the local animal and plant life. At Cherating, Kabira, Marrakech and Vittel, the grounds are practically "botanical gardens" in their own right, which the Resorts uses to inform and instruct GMs via a panoply of discovery tools and circuits. At Opio a 300 year-old olive grove has a circuit that explains the Resort's sustainable farming methods and a Fragrance Garden with a remarkable number of Provençal herbs.

Mini nature Club Med : helping children to understand nature

Mini Club Med managers have been trained to create discovery activities for children on environmental and regional heritage issues. Mini Club Med Nature programs in many villages are truly specialised on these subjects. A partnership has been established with CleanArt Planet, an association of artists that collect objects rejected by the sea : empty bottles, flip-flops … Then, using these daily use objects, creative workshops are organized with children to increase their awareness of the need to preserve the sea and the natural world.

Dive in America

At Columbus and Turquoise the Club has a partnership with Beautiful Oceans consisting of a diving programme in favour of the respect and proetction of underwater life. At Kani in the Maldives, talks and films inform divers and non-divers about marine biodiversity and its current fragile state.

An invitation to protect biodiversity

At Ixtapa in Brazil, GMs are informed about biodiversity in the Atlantic forest, and work is done in partnership with the university to protect cedar trees, frutta pao and jacqueira. In Malaysia, GMs are informed about the protection of the monkies and turtles present on the Resort.

Training our teams: Ecosigns

GOs and GMs are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly gestures, through a system of Ecosigns. Particular attention is paid to ecology but also to other issues concerning the local environment, so that the individuals who reside or work in the Resorts are inspired to promote the sustainable development of the community.
Training programmes and articles published in the monthly in-house magazine, "Profession GO", also contribute to this awareness.

Environmentally-committed GOs and GEs

Many Resorts initiate or accompany local projects to protect the environment. For example, "clean-up the beach" operations are run in many Resorts. In Mexico the GEs gather the eggs laid by the turtles and hand them over to the relevant bodies so that they can be placed on dedicated beaches to hatch. In Brazil, the Club works with Pro Mar, a local NGO that helps to preserve the coral reef along the coasts of Itaparica.




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