Save water

Everything possible has been done to reduce water consumption in the Resorts: the taps and toilet flushing systems are equipped to regulate pressure and water flow, and a drip system provides water for the grounds and gardens. In 2007 the Resorts were equipped with a monitoring system with data centralised by a Tech Care environmental reporting system.

Recycle water

Recycling water is common practice in Club Med Resorts, and almost all the treated water is reused for watering the grounds and gardens. The Club installs its own waste water treatment system when there is no satisfactory local infrastructure, which is generally the case in the more remote locations. More than one Resort in three has its own water treatment facility and 95% of these Resorts recycle waste water for watering purposes and toilet flushing systems.

Careful control of waste water discharge

Water is never discharged into the environment if there is no satisfactory system to collect and treat it. Club Med Resorts have their own waste water treatment facilities.
And the Club limits the use of physosanitary products and chemical fertilisers, to reduce pollution of the underground water supply.

Monitor quality and consumption of water

Club Med has a series of piloting tools:
Each Resort has its "water logbook" containing all the relevant technical data, chemical and bacteriological analyses, procedures and monitoring info for its water system. Tech Care has developed a specific Club Med environmental reporting system to enable the Club's Resorts to keep track of their daily consumption.
The Tech Care tool gives the Club monthly analyses and comparative data enabling it to take relevant action instantly. In 2010, an alertness centre has been set up in order to control the excess of water consumption in the Villages.

It's our joint responsibility

Personal habits are as important as technologies in terms of water consumption, and raising the awareness of our staff and customers is evidently a key part of our environmental policy.
For over 10 years, our Resorts have been encouraging guests to tell us when they are happy not to have their towels renewed daily, and the procedure is currently being extended to cover bed linen in our Suites.

Innovation: "Les Jardins Filtrants® d’Albion"

400 m3 per day of waste water is filtered and recycled in the grounds
30,000 plants contribute to producing pristine clean water for the Resort's grounds and gardens. La Plantation d'Albion's waste water treatment facility, by Phytorestore, is resolutely modern and aesthetic. Mangroves, birds of paradise and Madagascan canes contribute to producing a humid zone that attracts a profusion of local plant and animal life, including a host of tropical birds. An exceptional performance contributing to the protection of the environment, unique on Mauritius. Find out more: www.phytorestore.com

Experiment: saving water on the golf course at Agadir

Club Med is working to reduce water consumption on its golf courses. For example, after modernising its watering system at Agadir in 2006 with targeted watering, in 2008 the Resort set up a new pilot system in partnership with SEV - a water retention device, new types of grass seed and soil composition, and the positioning of the irrigation system are all elements of a state-of-the-art watering system desgined to reduce water consumption.

Take part in research: solar desalination

Since 2006 Club Méditerranée has participated in a European research programme to desalinate seawater via solar energy (DeSoL), the main aim of the project being to provide a sustainable water supply for countries suffering from water supply shortage. The Club is experimenting the first prototype, provides feedback from the user through its experience operating the system, and is involved in the design process.




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