Be prepared for your holiday

  • Check your travel documents and vaccinations...

    We ask you to carry with you your Sales contract and your Rendez-Vous Vacances which you could be asked to produce during your journey or your stay. Do not take the risk of being turned away at a border point, and pointlessly ruining your holiday. A valid passport is essential for travel. All G.M® must ask the consulate or embassy of the country of destination for further information.

    Check the validity of all your ID as regards the requirements of the chosen destination. It is essential that the name given on booking (printed on the ticket and the Rendez-Vous Vacances) is exactly the same as on the identity documents (i.e. wife and/or child). All children, whatever their age, must have their own identity documents or appear on the identity documents of their parents or guardians (for minors under 15 years old), as long as they travel with the holder of the passport on which they are mentioned.

    Health and vaccinations
    We strongly advise you to consult you r doctor about where you are going. He will tell you if you are healthy enough for the holiday or journey you have planned, especially if you are currently taking a course of drugs, if you are a carrier of a chronic disease, if you are pregnant, if you have a very young child or if you have allergic reactions to certain foods, wasps or insecticides (which, approved, are sprayed in some Villages). Do not forget to take with you enough of the medicine needed for current treatment and if necessary anti-malaria drugs as well as the corresponding prescriptions. If, contrary to your usual routine, you think you will play a sport intensively, take the time to prepare your body well in the weeks preceding your departure and do not overestimate your abilities. We advise you to take out our "Club Med Total block" insurance which could be useful to you in the event of your holiday being cut short following medical repatriation.

    You must plan well enough in advance for you and your children. Wherever you are going, it is essential to make sure at this time that your vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis are up to date. For certain destinations in inter-tropical America or Africa, it is compulsory or strongly recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever. This should be done, in one single injection, at least 10 days before departure, in a registered centre only. For some destinations, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B and typhoid. On the other hand, the vaccination against cholera is currently no longer recommended. Club Med will not reimburse any holiday costs or extra costs (cancellation, repatriation, hotels, taxis, etc.), if you are unable to produce the necessary documents (proof of vaccination...).

    For more information please visit Smart Traveller

  • What are the Village arrival and departure times ?

    Below you will find details of the arrival / departure times according to your destination and chosen formula :

    For holidays by the sea and in the countryside in Asia Pacific
    > Check-in: 3.00 pm
    > Check-out: 11.00 am

    For holidays by the sea and in the countryside outside Asia Pacific
    > Check-in: 3.00 pm
    > Check-out: 9.00 am

    For skiing holidays: 
    > Check-in: 3.00 pm
    > Check-out: 9.00 am

    However, other times may be communicated to you on your Holiday Meeting Point where schedules more favourable for the chosen Village have been applied. We draw your attention to the fact that the G.M® making their own way to the Village (Village Only package) are expected in the Village on the first day from 3.00pm. In the event of an earlier arrival, lunch on the first day will be invoiced.

  • Any advice on packing for your children ?

    Here is an invaluable checklist to consult before closing your suitcases.

    For all children, small rucksack marked with the name of your child, high SPF sun cream especially for your child, after-sun lotion, cap, sun hat, sunglasses, beach sandals, sports shoes and socks (important for sports activities), swimsuits, anti-mosquito lotion or spray.

    You're holidaying in the mountains : anorak or warm, waterproof suit, hat, scarf and waterproof mittens, thick socks, or woolly tights and thin socks, special mountain-protection sunglasses. Useful advice : attach the mittens to the anorak using an elastic thread. Make sure your child doesn't feel restricted and too wrapped-up : do not layer light-weight sweater, thick sweater, ski salopette. Warm underclothes worn under a good suit are enough and very comfortable. For babies, also provide : bottles, wipes, nappies, baby milk, favourite comforter or toy, health record. NB : make sure your child's belongings are tagged or bring a marker pen.

    For the journey, pack a few compact toys and small books to keep your children occupied, as well as water and sweets to nibble on. On the plane, think about taking some boiled sweets or a bottle depending on the age of your child in order to avoid earache.

  • Children's health...

    In some Baby Club Med* and Petit Club Med*,Villages there is a doctor on site permanently. Their doctor role is limited to screening, advising, referring, giving treatment considered non-essential or emergency first aid. But they may in no way, for ethical reasons, replace the local doctors who alone are entitled to issue prescriptions. No medicine can be administered to children by the G.O®.

    Our structures cannot take responsibility for children who require special medical care (monitoring in particular) or exclusive help by a third party. These children will remain in the exclusive care of their parents or their guardian. Regarding the exclusion of a child from group activities due to a declared infectious (until the disappearance of the visible signs of eruptive illnesses) or contagious illness Club Med reserves the right to demand either full isolation from group activities (all public places), or repatriation. This measure also applies to chickenpox. Any doctor' s consultation or visit will be billed to the parents or the guardian.

  • In the Village, does Club Med provide equipment for babies and infants ?

    In all the Villages with or without supervision, cots, highchairs and/or booster seats in the restaurant are available to parents. The Villages with Baby Club Med* and Petit Club Med* supervision offer pushchairs on loan as well as emergency supplies (toiletries, nappies...) for sale at the Club Med Boutique. Nappies and baby milk are not provided as part of Baby Club Med* and Petit Club Med*.

  • Do we have to provide a doctor's certificate to go scuba-diving ?

    A doctor's certificate stating "no contraindication" to aqualung diving signed by your GP and dated within the previous 12 months is required (dated one week previous maximum in Bora Bora for first-time divers). This certificate must be issued by a sports doctor or a hyperbaric doctor to take any diploma above the CMAS 1 star or equivalent. Moreover, each time your health requires and in any case depending on the answers to the questionnaire you will have filled in as part of the PADI procedures, you may be required to go for another medical examination which will as a last resort determine your ability to dive.

    To take the children's diplomas PADI Bubble Maker and PADI Discover Scuba, the child must have a doctor's certificate, including an ENT examination, signed by a hyperbaric doctor. This certificate cannot be issued in the Village.

    These diving conditions also apply to diving outside Club Med sub-contracted locally. You must pay for doc tor's visits. Do not forget your diplomas and your dive card. For minors, written authorization from the parents is also required.

    Other than for supervised or monitored diving activities (snorkelling and scuba diving), the masks, flippers and snorkels are neither loaned nor hired.

    Do not forget your dive cards and diplomas as well as a doctor's certificate stating "no contraindication" to aqualung diving dated within the last 12 months and within the week for Bora Bora (required for all services presented on the Internet site).

    For minors, written permission from parents is required.

    Hire of isothermal diving suits and diving computers in all diving centres. Bottles and STAB (inflatable safety system), flippers, masks, pressure reducing valves and weight belts are provided for packages. Club Med safety standards for scuba diving activities impose stopping the activity 12 hours before the return flight in the PADI registere d schools. The different Packages do not include taking the diplomas (services offered à la carte, in addtion to the scubadiving Package).

    Some of the fish described in the scuba diving brochure can only be viewed at certain times of the year.

  • How can we be contacted in the Village ?

    The telephone and fax numbers are given on each Village file. On arriving in your Village, get the reception to open a telephone line in your room. Any faxes received for you, will be handed over to you at reception.

  • How much money will we need once there ?

    When you go on holiday with Club Med, certain services or activities are not included in your package tariff.

    For example :
    - purchases made in the Village boutiques,
    - visits and excursions,
    - beauty treatment services such as the hairdresser, beauty salons...,
    - sports courses such as horse-riding, scuba diving, green fees and other golf-related expenses, hire of ski equipment and more,
    - supplies for manual and artistic workshops and as well as some relaxing activities such as a pool in some Villages,
    - access to certain keep fit installations and services,
    - Drinks bought in the bar(s) of a Village

    Consult the Village files to d out about the supplementary activities, shown by an asterisk (*). These activities should be paid for, depending on the service, either upon booking or on site, in advance or at the end of your stay.

  • Is it possible to bring valuable objects like jewellery ?

    As with all travel, care and safety are necessary. Never leave anything of value, identity documents or jewellery unguarded in your room. We cannot be held responsible for the theft of items of value or jewellery not deposited in the room's safety box or in the main safe in the Village, and our insurance could not reimburse you unless the Club Méditerranée was proved to be at fault.

    Only take with you personal belongings and clothes necessary and appropriate for the aim and specific conditions of the holiday.

  • Do certain Villages have facilities for people with reduced mobility ?

    For people with reduced mobility travelling in a wheelchair, we recommend choosing from the Villages below: La Palmyre Atlantique, Vittel le Parc, Serre-Chevalier, Palmiye, La Caravelle, Sandpiper, Punta Cana, Ixtapa, Phuket and Turquoise. We specify however that we cannot guarantee you access, using your own means, to all activities and infrastructures in the Villages.

    For journeys by plane, you must notify the transporters with whom we work of the need for special assistance, at least 48 hours before departure, so they can set up everything you need.

  • Are there any specific conditions in place for entertaining the youngest children ?

    Getting a child to adapt to a new environment and new ways of living can be done, though not without a little trouble. It happens frequently and is often unavoidable, in keeping with separation and entering into group activities. This can mean problems with behaviour (crying, irritability), eating or sleep. The young child, placed in a group situation, is, because of his weak immunological defences, more vulnerable to ENT (ear, nose and throat) or digestive infections, that are easily spread.

    In accordance with current regulations, admission of children under the age of 6 to the Mini Club Med, Petit Club Med or Baby Club Med de Vittel Le Parc, au Petit Club Med de Bali, Cherating Beach et Ria Bintan, the Mini Club Med or Petit Club Med d'Opio et Pompadour, and children under the age of 11 to the Mini Club Med, Petit Club Med de Serre-Chevalier and to the Mini Club Med de La Palmyre Atlantique requires the presentation of a doctor's certificate stating no contraindica tion to joining group activities, and noting the statutory update of vaccinations (which, for Baby Club Med includes at least the 1st dose of the vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio.

    These measures are recommended for the other Baby Club Med and Petit Club Med Villages.

    Only children considered ready for group life will be accepted into the supervised structures, and who show no signs of any declared illness, feverish or contagious (until the visible signs of eruptive illnesses have disappeared). In the opposite case, Club Med reserves the right to demand, for the safety of your child and the other children, either total isolation away from the group, or repatriation.

    Check your older children's vaccinations are all correctly up to date well in advance of your departure.

  • What is my baggage allowance ?

    Each airline company has its own luggage transport rules, that may be changed without prior notice.

    On your notification, we will indicate your authorised luggage allowance per person as well as the list of articles that cannot be transported, like in particular : explosives, firecrackers, rockets, gas, inflammables liquid and solid (lighter fluid, matches ...), oxidising, corrosive (mercury, batteries...), toxic or infectious products, radioactive substances. We advise you not to go over the weight that appears on your notification.

    Any excess luggage costs imposed by the airline must be paid by the traveller.

    There have recently been new restrictions on carry-on baggage at airports, please check with the airport of your departures for more details.

  • Can I take bulky items on the plane (windsurf, bicycle...) ?

    Each airline company has a different rule concerning bulky objects. Depending on the weight of the object, its value and bulkiness and the airline company, you may be asked to pay extra. Contact the airline company direct before your departure to avoid any surprises when boarding.

  • Animals

    Club Med is sorry to not be able to welcome in its Villages the domestic animals of its G.M®, whatever the subscribed package. The guide dogs can be allowed subject to be accepted by the airline companies at the time of the travel. Sorry for any inconvenience.




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