The Club Med Glossary

G.Ms ("Gentils Membres") are clients of Club Med. They can be any age, single, married, or part of a family. They come from all over the world in search of a little happiness in our magic villages where the G.O is at their service without ever being their servant. We also find here the unique side of being a G.O. Irrespective of whether the G.Ms are repeat clients to Club Med or are there for just the first time, all deserve the G.O's attention.

The job of G.O ("Gentil Organisateur") is a Club Med invention. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med Spirit and holder of the company's five values. It is a combination of their working professionalism and their way of being. They have a sense of service and pay special attention to their guests. Enthusiastic and smiling, they have a passion for life and know how to communicate it to others. Curious about others, they know how to build links and have the ability to adapt to the different personalities and cultures that they encounter. The G.Os are open to the world around them and respect the diversity of all individuals. Their manners and refinement allow them to accompany the upscale move of Club Med and the evolution of clientele.

The G.Es ("Gentils Employés") are service personnel and are Club Med employees that are for the most part native to the country where the village is situated. They have a sedentary job and a different status to the G.Os. The positions most frequently occupied by the G.Es are: restaurant employees, cooks, room housekeepers, maintenance, gardeners, etc. the G.Os and G.Es form one and the same team, and work for the same objective, that of satisfying the G.Ms. They have different but complementary jobs.

A "village" (or resort) is a unique place, set in beautiful suroundings, where the G.Ms have the freedom to do anything or nothing.
Besides lodging and dining, a village represents a centre for diverse attractions: events, sports, Mini Club, etc.
The services offered may differ from village to village, but the G.O's interpersonal skills and know-how are the same everywhere. It is a place with a multicultural and international flavour, with G.Os and G.Ms from the world over. Generally, the villages have between 600 and 1,000 beds and are open from 4 to 6 months a year. Some are open all year round.

The "Chef de Village" (Village Chief) is the head of the village, a unique kind of director. Their role is to ensure, along with their team, that the G.Ms who have come on vacation find friendliness, generosity, refinement, atmosphere and safety. So many values and elements of which they are the guaarantor and that make our difference.

These are very special moments that are unique to Club Med when the G.Os and G.Ms come together to share the traditional village dances. It is a moment where the G.Ms share and bathe in the energy and joy of the G.Os while dancing together. These moments are often programmed at the end of the shows, either before or after lunch or after dining depending on the G.Ms, the villages and the weather.




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