Let specially trained ski instructors guide you

With the all-inclusive package from Club Med, learning to ski is a pleasure. Step into your ski suit and follow the advice of seasoned professionals from the ESF (French Ski School) and other national ski schools in Club Med's European Resorts. In Japan and China, the ski instructors have been trained by ESF, and in Canada they have been trained by the Canadian national ski school.

Top quality support from Club Med and national ski schools

Whatever your discipline or level, Club Med offers the best support via winter sports classes in partnership ** with ** national ski schools: ESF in France, ESS in Switzerland and ESI in Italy. In Japan, ** **China and Canada, the classes are provided by ski instructors. When you arrive at the Resort, you choose the type of course that best suits you for the entire duration of your stay, from these three options:

How to assess your ski level

Learning to ski at any age at Club Med

At Club Med, the teachers from ESF, ESS and ESI will make you love school. Your all-inclusive package includes group lessons taught in small groups (12 people maximum). They are divided into 5 levels for skiing and 3 for snowboarding for adults. It doesn't matter what your ski or snowboard style is or how old you are, you get personalised advice adapted to your level so you can learn and improve.

Club Med also offers the best of winter sports to children too. There are 9 levels of ski tuition dedicated to them during the school holidays, in Resorts with Clubs for children and teens. Little champions under 5 years of age can access classes at Piou Piou level. From 4 to 17 years of age, they can be introduced to skiing or improve existing skills. They can learn snowboarding from the age of 8. From 11 to 17 years of age, more intrepid children can get their fill of thrills by experimenting with freestyle techniques or on the edge of pistes.

Which destinations can you go to to learn to ski with Club Med?

From the summits of the Alps to the island of Hokkaido, from Manchuria to the Laurentides, there are more than 20 Resorts across the world welcoming you to the most beautiful skiable areas in Europe, Asia and North America. With the Club Med all-inclusive ski package, lessons and Skipasses are already included. Supported by an instructor, you also take priority on the ski lifts. Less waiting around in queues, more time on the slopes!

When you choose a Club Med Resort, you get the advantage of the professionalism of certified instructors.

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