Composting is a form of waste disposal where organic waste decomposes naturally under oxygen-rich conditions. The final compost product, often called humus, is full of good nutrients and can be used to fertilise plants, amend poor soil and aid in water retention.

Here's what you need:
• A large bin
• Bamboo paper towels
• Dry waste
• Food scraps
• A waste accelerator

You can also download a copy of this guide here.

• Start by lining your bin with a paper towel (bamboo-made is best) and throw dry waste (lint from your clothes/dryer, pencil shavings, hair) into the bottom of the bin. This will help act as a filter for the smaller particles that might get thrown in later on.

• Make sure all food scraps are chopped into small pieces before throwing into the compost bin.

• After each batch of waste is thrown in, spray the waste with
Compost Accelerator generously, at least 5-6 sprays, until the
all of the waste is sprayed on.

• Release the compost juice via the tap at the bottom every 2-3 days. This liquid can be diluted with water to water your plants as well!

Emptying your compost bin to make your very own soil compost!:

• Once your bin is full, get ready a big pot and a bag of soil.
• Layer the pot with soil and compost, starting and ending with a layer of soil, and mix the layers as you go.
• Finish off with a thick layer of soil.

Wait 4-6 weeks for your completed compost that you can now use for your garden/plants or donate to your neighbourhood urban garden plot!