If your mum loves nostalgia as much as ours does, she'll love this.

You can also download the steps here.

**1. **Scan photos of your mum — make the photos diverse, even include ones of you as a baby, or her as a baby.

2. Print the photos out and cut them to shape.

**3. **Find a nice piece of paper to use for the background - you can even use wrapping paper and stick them onto a thick cardboard for a firmer backing.

4. Arrange your photos on the background and when you're happy
with the placement, glue them down.

5. Write a personalised message on a piece of coloured paper and stick it onto the collage too. You can also use pieces of ribbon, lace, or stickers to decorate the collage. If you want the collage to last longer, you can consider getting it framed up so mum can proudly display it at home.