Located in one or two-storey buildings (no lift), the rooms and Suites with terrace or balcony look out over the ocean or lush gardens.


Relax in this gentle haven, where the natural beauty will contribute to restoring your own well-being.

Why not opt for a Club Room with Sea View.

Surface41 m² - 50 m²
Guests1 - 3 persons


A superb room where couples will feel totally spoilt.

The private terrace with view over the garden and sea will ensure moments of sheer happiness.

Surface50 m² - 50 m²
Guests1 - 2 persons


Each Suite is an invitation to enjoy Club Med comfort at its best.

The bathroom has a skylight, and there is a shower on the terrace for when you get back from the beach.

Every detail contributes to the exquisitely voluptuous feel. The elegant lounge with minibar, bedroom with king size bed and garden opening out onto the beach or nestling in the heart of lush and exotic nature.

Surface70 m² - 71 m²
Guests1 - 3 persons