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How is Club Med transport organised?

To get to our Resorts, depending on your destination and package booked, Club Med offers you flights or train rides.

💼 THE BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE is specified on your travel itinerary or ticket. We ask you to stay within these limits; Club Med will not pay ...

Club Med has always guaranteed you total peace of mind on holiday.

Your children get a taste of freedom and you spend some time not having to think about practical problems, your mind free of all worries.

On a day-to-day basis, these values unique to ...

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Which airline(s) does Club Med work with?

Here is the list of our main airline partners (international flights):

✔️ Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Air Mauritius, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, China Southern, All Nippon Airways.

This is not an exha...

What do the abreviations G.O and G.M mean?

It was in 1950, in the first Club Med Resort, in the Balearic Islands, that the term "G.O", an abbreviation of "Gentil Organisateur" (Gentle/Kind Organiser), was first used.
A label of quality produced from the imagination of holidaymakers who were ding o...

What does the Club Med "All inclusive" formula include?

The Club Med "All inclusive" package includes, depending on the resorts:

✔️ For the Resorts with "Drinks and Snacks Included": The drinks (1) of your choice throughout the day and into the evening ! water, fruit juice, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, chocolat...

✔️ A multitude of sports, taught at 3 levels, depending on the resorts, by dedicated and qualified G.O, on land, on sea, in the air or under the water, Club Med is one of the biggest sports schools in the world. At your own pace, choose between free acces...

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