Meaningful experience, conscious venues and ​CSR programs

When sustainable meeting strategies are aligned with a company’s values, it creates an opportunity for the organization to demonstrate those values in a way that meeting attendees can see and feel they are a part of. ​

Sustainable activities to enrich your event

At Club Med, our mission is to provide sustainable tourism experiences that bring people together in harmony with nature. Since our founding, we have been committed to respecting the local communities, landscapes, and resources of our destinations.

During your stay, we invite you to join us in giving back to local communities in Bali and Phuket. Our programs are designed to share a meaningful experience while making a positive impact, and we pledge to give back 20% of all revenue raised back to our partners.


Happy to Care & Preserve the environment

Sowing the seed of sustainable tourism

Sustainability at Club Med

For more than 60 years, sustainability has been part of the Club Med DNA and we have been working hard to protect our dream locations as well as local communities. Throughout our history, we’ve forged a strong belief: the moments of happiness we offer to our guests are to be shared; they cannot be experienced at the expense of others or of nature.

Discover how Club Med works towards a more sustainable tourism

Green globe Certified

Currently 74% of our resorts worldwide have been awarded “Green Globe Certified” for Sustainable Tourism, including Club Med Bali, Club Med Cherating Beach, Club Med Phuket, and many more!​

The Green Globe certification is the highest and most thoroughly tested standard of responsible tourism. It is reviewed twice per year, and resorts must prove amazing levels of sustainability across all aspects, from training and recruiting staff, to food and energy wastage, resort construction and biodiversity preservation, including the preservation of local culture of the surrounding communities.​

Our aim is to have all of our resorts certified in the near future.​