Treat yourself to an all-inclusive cruise in the Mediterranean.

For your all inclusive holidays, board on the Club Med 2, the five-masted sailboat, for an exceptional cruise.
On board: refined service, a unique atmosphere, and activities for everyone (sport, swimming pool, relaxation, discovery).

Our Summer Mediterranean cruises

For a longer stay or a spring weekend, sail around the Mediterranean coasts on an all-inclusive cruise.
Discover the pearls of the Mediterranean: Italy, Corsica or Greece and all the islands you think you know... The rocks of Meteora, unmissable Santorini and its vertiginous cliffs and Heraklion with its Cretan charm. Those who are keen to explore can stop off in the Cyclades and visit legendary towns including Calvi and Capri.

Our tip: many cruises can be extended by a beach holiday in one of the close-by Club Med Resorts around the Mediterranean !

Club Med Cruise Experience

Whenever and wherever enjoy irresistible food

Enjoy a well-being journey during your cruise

Enjoy private or organised evenings

Experience a wide range
of activities

Become an explorer during our stopovers

Sleep in an elegant and comfortable suite with a sea view

Discover our cruises with special guest onboard

Meet the explorer Rémi Camus

Enjoy a special guest on board: Rémi Camus, a modern day explorer who swam from Calvi to Monaco, is joining the Transatlantic cruise with you. On the agenda: film debates, workshops, and discussions about his extraordinary adventures and his advice on self-improvement.

Special Guest