Mini Club +

To be happy and grow with confidence

Since 1967, Club Med have been the pioneers in creating a fun and eventful holiday programme for kids. As part of our world-famous Kids Club, Mini Club + is a place where kids aged between 4 and 10 year can experience a magical holiday, meeting new friends from around the world and participate in fun activities!

From July 2022, kids can look forward to an enhanced programme to offer even more engaging, fun-filled and educational activities.​

Introducing Mini Club +:

§ Activities focusing on 6 strengths that help children grow: creativity, cooperation, courage, connection, cheerfulness and self-confidence.
§ Programming designed to cultivate creativity, emotional growth and invaluable social and communication skills.​
§ And the best of the original Mini Club, of course! From Mini Club Show and organised sports, to games, mealtimes and so much more.​

✓ Included in your package for children from 4 to 10 years old.​

Fun and Positive Education!

Positive Education promotes kid’s well-being and development by focusing on soft skills that will help them grow with confidence such as adaptability or emotional intelligence.

All the activities offered within the Mini Club + have been redesigned around the framework of Positive Education with the help of pedagogical experts.

Unleash the Power of Play​

Mini Club + has interactive activities to feed the limitless imagination of children and their desire to learn and play.

Our trained G.O.s are committed to engaging with the kids and fostering their unique strengths around six pillars: Creativity, Confidence, Connection, Cheerfulness, Courage and Cooperation. All vital skills needed to be happy, to connect with others, and to grow up with full confidence in themselves.​

The Best of Mini Club Classics

Club Med's flag ship activities such as tennis, the children's show or the flying trapeze, are still part of the programme! Kids will learn exciting new skills along the way.

Our Kids Club programme still prides itself in creating the perfect balance of activities for children to experience a unique and fun holiday.


Creativity isn’t just about knowing how to make something beautiful, it’s also about being curious, learning new things, developing critical thinking and finding solutions.


Being courageous can mean confronting the unknown, daring to do something new or overcoming your fear, but it can also mean simply going on stage, speaking to a group, or even just voicing a different opinion.


Connection is succeeding in building meaningful relationships and bonding with others, showing emotional intelligence or altruism and knowing how to express gratitude towards others.


Cooperation is about being a good team member, taking initiatives and knowing how to communicate within a group.


Cheerfulness is about being vivacious, full of life and energy, sharing your enthusiasm and optimism and having a great sense of humour.


Being self-confident comes through success and perseverance. Mastering new skills, the freedom to learn from their failures, showing spunk, pave the way to achievements that foster a sense of pride and self-esteem.

Family favourites with Mini Club +