Here is an overview of activities you can do in Val Thorens during your summer holidays!

Val Thorens, located in the Tarentaise Valley, is one of the biggest winter sports resorts in the world that is essentially dedicated to skiing. In spring, the snow-covered mountain paths trade their beautiful ice cover for flower-covered valleys and sparkling lakes where you can carry out a lot of other activities.

Enjoy the thrill and fun in Val Thorens!

Val Thorens has numerous roads and legendary mountain passes that will delight motorcyclists and mountain bikers. Ride along the edge of the mountain or streams and through the Belleville Valley and admire the breathtaking views. Children and adults may also hike in a less tiring two- or four-seat buggy. Off the tracks, you can enjoy a miniature golf and putt-putt tour in the Forêt des Aventuriers. Lots of laughter and fun await you!

Thrill seakers? Adventure awaits on the staircases, walkways and other monkey points of the ski resort’s aerial park! Fly on a microlight aircraft or paraglider, or enjoy a descent from Haute-Isère by canoe, raft or hydrospeed. In the evening, go to the bowling arena at the heart of the Val Thorens Resort and enjoy playing on the 8 snooker tables in the resort. For young children, they can enjoy the game room, which has F1, air hockey and flipper simulators. It's a treat for the entire family!

Stay in one of our resorts and discover Val Thorens

Commune with nature and relax

Val Thorens is a hikers’ paradise, with numerous pedestrian hiking destinations for all levels.

The high altitude lakes and streams complement the extraordinary landscape and the valley is also a top destination for fishermen. Here is a tip for amateurs: As you stroll through the valley, visit an alpine chalet for an “exploratory and educational” break and taste traditional cheese made from goat, sheep or cow’s milk. You can also see the animals on the farm. This is an educative mountain activity for the entire family!

Discover the culture and heritage of Val Thorens

Walk along the Baroque pathways and explore the masterpieces of Savoyard baroque art. Bear witness to the Chapel Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie, built between 1650 and 1750. You will surely be fascinated by its luxurious interior of golden altarpieces and wooden pews.

For more educational activities visit the village museum and learn about how the resort was built. You can also explore the traditions of bygone times, presented as a picture story by the inhabitants. Burdin mill is another destination where you can get to know more about the rich heritage of this place. The mill was recently restored and you will be educated about its history and mode of operation. Hunt for other treasures of the valley in the surrounding villages. You will find ponds, hillocks and bread ovens from the past. One thing is certain, Val Thorens will not fail to surprise and fascinate you!

The mountain is a captivating destination throughout the year. It is certainly the ideal location for a family holiday loaded with tradition, modernity and sports!

Did you know?

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Day takes place every 15th August. Go on a pilgrimage to Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie in the morning and listen to the narration of the two-hundred year history of Belleville Valley in the afternoon. The celebration ends with a very pleasant evening.