Explore the most beautiful beaches in Thailand

Thailand has fine sand beaches, warm waters and breathtaking landscapes that make it a reputable destination for exceptional scenery and paradisal beaches! Come and relax on the beautiful beaches of Thailand and enjoy a completely refreshing stay in the Land of Siam.

Dream scenery on Koh Kut Beach and Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe

Thailand’s Sunrise Beach is a small paradise on Earth. It is a beautiful white sand beach that plunges into the turquoise sea which is surrounded by lush vegetation! This is the ideal paradisal destination where you can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, or go for snorkelling in its beautiful waters. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery while you swim among a shoal of colourful fishes!

For a romantic time on the beach in Thailand, watch the paradisal scenery produced by the last rays of the setting sun. During your stay in Thailand, you must not miss Sunrise Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country!

All lovers of nature and authenticity will be won over by the sublime beaches of Koh Kut Island. This island is a small paradise with white and fine sand beaches, turquoise and crystal-clear water as well as dense wild vegetation. It has one subtle advantage. The island is still preserved and pristine because even though it is such a beautiful destination, it is not visited by many tourists yet! Koh Kut beaches are among the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and they are perfect for relaxing under the sunshine!

Did you know?

If you love partying, go to the very famous Full Moon Party which takes place in Ko Pha Ngan Island every month on full moon evenings.

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Unforgettable diving experience on the beaches of Similan and Rai Leh Islands

Visit the sublime beaches of Similan Islands and enjoy a timeless moment in Thailand. If you pass by the Similan Islands during your stay in Thailand, you will be mesmerized by their wild and authentic natural environment. Explore the small paradise-like islets scattered in the midst of the Indian Ocean and relax on the immaculate white sand.

Take along your mask and snorkel and look for parrot fish! Moreover, the archipelago is famous all over the world and classified as one of the 10 most beautiful diving sites in the world! The beaches of Similan Islands are among the most beautiful beaches in Thailand with white sand, crystal-clear waters, exceptional visibility and lush vegetation!

Surrounded by steep cliffs, Rai Leh Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand. This superb and beautiful Thai beach is accessible only by long-tailed boat. There, you will discover a long shore of white sand bordered by blue-green sea. Its extraordinary environment makes it a top destination for climbers, who challenge each other on its steep limestone mountains!

Explore the beautiful Thai seabed during a brief underwater diving session. You can admire the abundant underwater fauna and flora as you enjoy a memorable stay in Thailand!

Patong Beach: in the evening

For a festive stay with friends in Thailand, go for a getaway experience on Patong Beach. The beach extends for more than 3 kilometres and offers postcard-worthy scenery where you can relax and get entertained! After a siesta on the beach, you can swim in the crystal-clear warm waters of Thailand.

The bars and other restaurants become lively later in the day and this is an opportunity for you to spend lovely time with friends on the beach. Taste the delicious cocktails while you admire the last rays of sunshine and then you can go dancing in one of the numerous clubs along the bay. Patong Beach is ideal for relaxing and partying with friends in Thailand!

Thailand has a lot of beautiful beaches and this makes it a perfect destination for relaxing at the other end of the world!