Let us guide you on where to visit in Asia during your next holidays!

Asia is a multifaceted continent which quickly arouses a desire to go on holidays. What are the best destinations for a memorable stay in Asia?

Bali and Phuket, two Asian jewels

It is impossible to mention destinations in Asia without mentioning Bali. This paradisal Indonesian island is a true paradise of white sand or black sand beaches, turquoise or crystal-clear water and a stunning natural environment. At every stop on the coastline, you will find a beach where you can enjoy rejuvenating moments as well as snorkelling or surfing sessions. Take advantage of your stay in Bali to explore its picturesque landscapes.

Every passing moment in Bali will fill you with wonder, from the rice fields of Jatiluwih in the Forest of Monkeys in Ubud to the shores of Batur Lake where the Gunung Batur volcano casts its imposing shadow. You will enjoy an authentic immersion into the traditions of Bali in its numerous temples. The Pura Bratan temple on the shores of the Pura Bratan Lake will certainly give you one of the most beautiful memories of your stay in Bali.

Did you know? Sirinat Park, a refuge for turtles

During your stay in Phuket, you may also discover rare sea turtles. From November to March, they come to the paradisal beaches of Hat Nai Yang and Mai Khao Beach to lay their eggs. To witness this unique moment, wait for twilight and the rising tide.

Fondly called Land of Smiles, Thailand is one of the best destinations in Asia for a paradisal and beautiful natural environment. In Phuket, all the wonders of this country come to life. Daily, you be welcomed by white sand beaches and turquoise water. Kata, Karon and Paradise are some of the beaches you can go to for relaxing breaks.

For varied pleasure, head to the northern part of Phuket and Sirinat National Park to swim on Hat Nai Yang Beach and explore the preserved nature of this protected reserve. Bring along your mask and snorkel. Indeed, you will enjoy amazing close-up encounters with exotic fish in one of the most beautiful snorkelling spots in Phuket.

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The Maldives, the paradisal archipelago

Would you like to visit one of the best destinations in Asia for a stay of abundant white sand and turquoise water? Fly to the Maldives! On the islands of this paradisal archipelago, you will enjoy calmness and serenity under the warm sunshine. Apart from relaxation and swimming, explore the richness of the fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean. You will have a great time during colourful snorkelling sessions and diving excursions to explore the beauty of the underwater world. When you explore Malé, the capital of the Maldives, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your day in an authentic atmosphere and in the midst of a culture with multiple influences.

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Head for discovery in China

A fascinating huge country, China is the best place to visit in Asia for a stay of discovery. This region offers numerous possibilities of trips to meet all your expectations.

Enjoy a stay in Guilin, located at the heart of impressive landscapes in the south-western part of the mainland. Go for a boat ride on River Li which meanders between innumerable hills with an appearance so unique that they have been called "dragon teeth". When you explore these enchanting views, relax on the shores of Lake Shan Hu and admire the breathtaking Pagodas of the Moon and Sun.

China, Maldives, Phuket and Bali are the best destinations in Asia for exploration and relaxation. In any of these places in Asia, you will enjoy a paradisal environment for your holidays with white sand beaches and turquoise water, stunning natural environment and captivating traditions. You only have to pack your bags!