An overview of the most beautiful destinations and excursions for exploring the incredible diversity of Indonesia

Indonesia is a vast country and a favourite destination of holidaymakers looking for sunshine and a getaway experience. From Bintan Island in the north to the captivating Bali Province, you will experience culture, leisure and fantastic landscapes. Here is our advice regarding where to go in Indonesia and how to enjoy this journey to the other end of the world.

An awesome place, from the rice field terraces of Jatiluwih to Gurun Pasir Busung

One of the excursions that you must not miss in Indonesia is the visit to the rice field terraces of Jatiluwih. They are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer a landscape unlike any other. The emerald hills, carved out by farmers working on the land, extend as far as the eyes can see. During your visit to the rice field terraces, observe the age-old movements of the Balinese people who cultivate this fertile soil. Continue your adventure on the winding paths between the ponds and take a stroll to the heart of marvellous views where the blue sky reflects from the water between each plant on the rice field terraces.

The volcanic slopes of Indonesia are covered with the typical dense vegetation of equatorial climates. If you have the opportunity to explore these luxuriant forests while hiking, enjoy the rare experience by going to the incredible Gurun Pasir Busung desert. You can enjoy an outstanding excursion in the southern part of Bintan Island, where a unique expanse of dunes awaits you. As you stroll along, you will see shades of the white sand that range from ochre to red before you reach the bluish-green waters of the lake. It is a place to go in Indonesia for an outstanding excursion.

Stand before the gigantic 500 Lohan temple

Indonesia is a melting pot that was shaped by various influences. One site that you must see in Indonesia is the 500 Lohan Temple (Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva), the perfect testament to its Buddhist heritage. After going past the huge porch and its enormous statues, you will find a peaceful army of 500 Lohan sculptures (Arhats) in the temple garden. These life-size statues represent all the persons that attained the ultimate level of wisdom in Buddhism. It is an impressive sight: take the time to observe each of the statues because each one has a unique expression.

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Go to the heart of the Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali is an obvious choice when considering the various options of places to know or visit in Indonesia. Truly, the "Island of the gods" is full of wonders to be unravelled and one of them is found in the captivating wilderness. When you reach the village centre after roaming through the sublime rice fields, you will find three temples which are adorned with traditional sculptures, nested within the tropical forest that hosts nearly 600 primates. These primates live in freedom, making it an outstanding fun-filled experience to observe them in their natural habitat while you stroll and imbibe the spirituality of the site.

Bingin and impossibles, white sand beaches that you must not miss

During your stay in Bali, leisure is also on your agenda. There are countless beaches along the coastline of the island. Located in the south-western part of Bali, Bingin and Impossibles are two beaches you must visit in Indonesia for authentic white sand getaways. These neighbouring beaches can be reached by staircases carved into the rocks of their cliffs. They are great havens for surfers since they offer a relaxing break away from the crowds, surrounded by a preserved landscape. Try to go there at low tide: when the water recedes, natural swimming pools form between the rocks, giving you a unique swimming experience.

The reliefs of Bintan Island and the white sand beaches of Bali are the most beautiful destinations of Indonesia where memorable discoveries await you. There are many places you can go in Indonesia to relax, explore, get immersed in the local culture and enjoy the multifaceted beauty of the country. Let your stay be guided by your curiosity, you will not regret it!

Did you know? Nusa Penida, the diving paradise

Bali has a lot of diving and snorkelling spots but if you wish to discover an incredible diversity of underwater fauna, the nearby Nusa Penida Island is one of the places you should visit in Indonesia. In Crystal Bay, you can observe the impressive mola mola which is also known as moonfish. Manta Point is where you can see the impressive manta rays. Everywhere you go, pennant coral fish, damselfish, snappers and reef sharks in the water will liven up all your excursions.