At the other end of the world, a highly colourful holiday awaits you in Japan.

Discover the most beautiful places to visit in Japan, from the northernmost Hokkaido Island to the outer reaches of the East China Sea in the extreme south. Age-old traditions, stunning natural environment and paradisal beaches await you on this archipelago.

Urban and rural tours in Hokkaido

Japanese towns always reveal a contrasting beauty between tradition and modernity. You should visit Sapporo in Hokkaido in order to fully enjoy the duality of Japan. Your journey will take you to the sanctuary of Hokkaido Jingu. You will enjoy a spiritual walk in a verdant haven when you visit this Shinto temple which is located at the centre of Maruyama Park. As you walk along the front of the modern buildings where the Japanese do business in Sapporo, you will arrive at the historic museum which displays models of traditional houses from all over Hokkaido Island. This tour will afford you a unique journey back in time to explore the late 19th Century. History buffs and inquisitive minds who visit Japan to get immersed in the history of the country will not be disappointed.

On Hokkaido Island, to the west of Sapporo, Shikasai-no-Oka is the choice destination to visit in Japan in order to enjoy the splendour of the Japanese countryside. From April to October, you will find a rarely encountered kaleidoscope of flowers in this garden located on the hills of Biei City. Fields of lavender, tulips or even sunflowers stretch as far as the eyes can see and offer you one of the most beautiful views of your journey, with Mount Dasetsu in the background. You can conclude your tour of this destination in Japan by riding in Norokko, a small ferry which will take you on a picturesque tour across this ocean of colours. In winter, the slopes of Shikisai-no-Oka become transformed into "Snowland", a domain for descents on the snow using sledges or snowmobiles.

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Kabira Bay, a tropical paradise

Situated on Ishigaki-Jima, the main island of the southern archipelago of Yaeyama, this bay is popular as one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Japan. Away from its white sand, the water has a shade between turquoise and emerald, accentuated by the shadows of the coral reefs touching the surface. Numerous islets covered with green vegetation complement this idyllic picture. It is a dream environment for your journey to Japan. To explore it, ride in a glass-bottomed boat. Go far off and admire the mountains that tower above Kabira Bay on the bridge, then descend into the water to explore the multicoloured fauna and flora that are so beautiful that they have made this place a popular place to see when visiting Japan.

You will pass through stunning landscapes when you visit the most beautiful places in Japan. From its cosmopolitan cities to its volcanic mountains and paradisal beaches, Japan affords you a journey for the discovery of an enchanting natural and cultural heritage.

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Natural ports, from Mount Omoto to Daisetsuzan National Park

On return to land, Mount Omoto, the highest peak in Ishigaki-Jima, which is 525 metres high, is one of the places to visit in Japan in order to discover magnificent natural views. At the heart of

the tropical forest, you will discover a sublime waterfall where you can refresh yourself before continuing your journey. After following the path that is bordered by bamboo trees, you can admire the breathtaking view on Kabira bay. Continue on the road that leads to the right in order to explore the eastern coast of the island and you may come across the next destination of your journey.

With more than 5 peaks that are higher than 2,000 metres and more than 200,000 hectares of preserved natural environment, Daisetsuzan National Park is a choice destination to visit in Japan. For a memorable hike, go to the foot of Mount Asahidake, a volcanic mountain that is always covered by snow and enlivened by fumaroles. In Biei, you will make an unusual discovery at the Blue Lake where larch and birch trees thrive. In fact, the lake was created when a dam was built across the river in order to prevent possible mudslides if Mount Tokachi erupts.

Did you know? Where does the colour of the Biei Lake come from?

One would think that the colour of Biei Lake is due only to the reflection of sunlight. In reality, it results from the flow of water over the mountain, which is loaded with aluminium and sulphur. These substances colour the water, to give you colourful memories of your holidays.