Join us as we discover treasures near Terengganu State

Malaysia is a multifaceted land of contrasts. This destination has numerous stunning landscapes that range from paradisal beaches to ancient tropical forests. Where can you go to in Malaysia to appreciate the natural beauty of the country?

Join us as we discover treasures near Terengganu State

Lake Kenyir is an artificial lake that was formed when a dam was built and the landscape is certainly man-made, but it is so beautiful that it has become the main attraction in Terengganu. This is the choice destination in Malaysia where you can enjoy a boat ride among the 300 green islets scattered on the emerald waters of the lake. It will take you to the waterfalls and various fishing spots of Lake Kenyir. You will enjoy a day of canoeing, sailing and trekking on the lakeshore.

Go to Bukit Ibam in the southern part of Terengganu to spend the day on the shores of Lake Tasik Biru. This lake is located at the heart of an ancient mining site and is famous all over the world for its surreal blue waters which attracts many travellers to Malaysia. Follow the paths which lead to the very edge of its waters or the top of the cliffs and admire the shades of cyan that beautify the lake. The ochre rock and surrounding greenery create breathtaking contrasts with this shimmering mirror.

Did you know? Pahang Lake, a jewel in southern Terengganu

In southern Terengganu, the Pahang region is the top destination in Malaysia if you wish to savour the diverse natural treasures of the country. Apart from Lake Tasik Biru, the Sungai Padan waterfall is certainly worth the detour. When you have enjoyed the fresh air in the tropical hinterland, head northwards towards the Gua Charas temple and its mysterious caves.

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Alone in the world on Tengoll Island or Kamasik beach

Tengoll Island is a small island off Dungun on the east coast of Malaysia where you can enjoy a holiday surrounded by postcard-worthy landscapes. You are sure to have a relaxing getaway experience far away from everything else, while you enjoy the warm and crystal-clear waters of the China Sea surrounding this green destination and its white sand beaches. It would be a shame to visit Malaysia without going on a snorkelling session to explore the seabed in Tengoll Island. Its coral reef has numerous multi-coloured species including sea slugs, eels and parrot fish. When you dive offshore, you will discover a wreck covered by aquatic life. In summer, the site is a relaxing haven for manta rays. They will perform a majestic ballet dance that you will remember forever.

If you choose to visit Malaysia for your upcoming holidays, you can enjoy the warm waters of the east coast on Kamasik beach and relax on the fine sand. The main attraction of this little village is the golden sand beach in Terengganu State which is pristinely beautiful and has two rocks in the water, just a few metres away from the shore. You will be pleased to watch the captivating spectacle of surging waves beating the rocks while you relax.

At the heart of an ancestral forest

When you visit Malaysia, you can also explore one of the oldest primary forests in the world. You should visit Chemerong forest in Malaysia and explore a tropical jungle with impressively diverse fauna and flora. Explore the dense vegetation of Terengganu forest and hike in rhythm with the singing cicadas. In this luxuriant natural environment, you will find dizzying waterfalls, rivers with crystal-clear waters and natural swimming pools where you can swim leisurely. The high elevations of the surrounding hills will give you panoramic breathtaking views of the landscapes.

The most beautiful places in Terengganu State and Pahang State in Malaysia have paradisal beaches along the China Sea and paths that run through one of the oldest tropical forests in the world. You will certainly have a stay that is full of relaxation and adventure.