The most beautiful places in Thailand

To know where to go in Thailand, all you need to do is to let yourself be drawn in by the crystal-clear blue waters on its beaches, walk through the rice fields that cover the mountains, escape into the heart of its temples and explore its wild islands. When you visit the Land of Smiles, you will discover more than a thousand views of this fascinating country.

Phuket, a small tropical paradise

If you are wondering where to visit in Thailand, Phuket is a very popular tourist destination that offers great value for money. The island has breathtaking beaches that attract diving and snorkelling buffs as well as night owls who are attracted by its vibrant and outstanding atmosphere. Start by hiking on the edge of the water at Freedom Beach, where the secluded creek attracts attention. On the horizon, you will see the fine sand and tropical trees on the shores of the blue ocean. Magnificent mountains lie in the background. You can visit the site only by riding on a long-tail boat. Since motorized boats are not allowed, this beach offers a truly relaxing experience.

Continue by exploring the hinterland, particularly Old Phuket Town. The remnants of this city, which was founded by Chinese and Malaysian traders in the 19th Century, still bear recognizable signs of their influence on certain dwellings and old alleys.

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Go on adventure to Sirinat National Park

To know where to go in Thailand, choose the kind of adventure that you want. If you like wildlife, you will surely love to visit Sirinat National Park, a preserved waterfront that is bordered by pine trees and a magnificent mangrove forest. Furthermore, more than three-quarters of the park lie in the maritime zone: vast blue crystal clear waters with coral reef crevices in which turtles hide. This is not surprising because the park has become a nesting site for these lovely marine reptiles.

A little farther to the north, Phang Nga bay is another plant sanctuary that attracts nature lovers. It is populated by thick mangrove forest and immense karstic rocks from which one can dive into the Andaman Sea and also hosts a charming village on stilts. If you are wondering where to visit in Thailand, the locals will gladly tell you that this bay is one of the sites you must see.

Did you know?

You can visit the nearby James Bond Island, so called because it was used for filming “The Man with the Golden Gun” in 1974. Immense rocks jut out of the water and form a picturesque environment.

immersive yourself in lush nature and pristine water at Koh Lone Island

A small number of tourists visit this island and this is why it is really a great place to visit. It is home to 250 people, most of whom are fishermen and is ideal for visitors who desire to go off the beaten paths of Thailand. Enjoy strolling between its creeks and roaming inside its wild vegetation while you behold the endless sea. Would you rather explore in a kayak or visit the small traditional village? Apart from these, hardly any other activities take place on the island and it is for this very reason that we love it: far away from mass tourism, this is a place where you can relax under the shade of a palm tree.

Where can one go in Thailand for an extraordinary adventure? Wherever you choose to go, you will fall in love with the lush greenery and the generosity and authenticity of the locals, always eager to tell you about the history and secrets of their astonishingly diverse country. One tip: if you visit Thailand during the rainy season, avoid the northern region, which experiences heavier rainfall and is colder than the rest of the country.