The Maldives: the best season for a holiday

Do you dream of a tropical climate and long stretches of fine sand? The Maldives is one such destination. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives archipelago comprises of 1,190 islands spread over about 100,000 km², of which only 200 are inhabited. These ring-shaped islands have a lagoon bordered by a coral reef and are also known for the beauty of their atolls. However, when should you visit the Maldives? What is the dominant climate in this archipelago? We will tell you all you need to know before you book your reservations.

What is the climate in the Maldives?

The Maldives enjoy a tropical warm and humid climate due to its geographical location in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Located 983 km away from Sri Lanka and 820 km away from Cochin in Southern India, the archipelago has relatively stable temperatures throughout the year. In Malé - the capital, the average annual temperature is 30 degrees Celsius.

There are two monsoons between Maldivian seasons: the South-Western monsoon and the North-Eastern monsoon.

The former occurs from early May to late August. It brings sea breezes to the northern islands, with cloud cover and higher humidity. The lowest temperatures are around 26°C throughout the year and the highest temperatures are around 30°C.

The latter monsoon runs from late September to December. There are showers and brief rainstorms in the late afternoon, particularly on the southern atolls, but these will not disturb your days in the sun. The sunshine returns quickly. Rainy seasons are a natural occurrence on the archipelago. Thanks to the rainfall, the vegetation is lush and abundant.

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Beach and Diving: when should you visit the Maldives?

The period from January to April is preferable if you desire long days under the sunshine to enjoy the beautiful stretches of fine sand. Some months have 9 hours of sunshine every day, with a relatively dry climate. The sea is calm and very conducive for snorkelling - underwater diving without oxygen tanks.

The Maldivian archipelago is a great site for huge water games and you can enjoy numerous activities during your stay. Do you like kite surfing? The summer monsoon (between May and August) is the ideal season to enjoy this sensational gliding sport. In fact, the wind is necessary for a flight in the air and thrills are guaranteed!

The days are 7 hours long from May to September. During summer in the southernmost islands, the southwest monsoon has little impact. If you wish to go on holidays during summer, consider going to the Maldives. Tropical cyclones are weak in this region, because the initial stages of their formation begin in the Maldives and end in India.

Did you know?

Big-game fishing is common in the Maldives. Go for a ride in traditional Maldivian boats called Dhonis and admire the exceptional marine fauna of the Maldives including tuna, jack, sailfish, chicken fish, etc.

Things to do in the Maldives: celebrations you must not miss

If you visit in July, do not forget the Independence Day celebration which takes place on 26 July. This national celebration is fittingly celebrated by various parades in all parts of the archipelago, but the most impressive parades take place in Malé, the capital.

If you love diving in the Maldives and exploring the underwater fauna, you will be able to explore new underwater technologies (underwater scooter, iBubble autonomous camera) and all the peculiar features of this biodiversity during the Lux Underwater Festival which takes place in September.

One island can hide inside another

Do you feel like going for a getaway experience on a neighbouring island? Sri Lanka is at least 2 hours away from the Maldives by air. The Ceylon Island (former name of Sri Lanka) is a veritable land of legends. Its proximity to India reflects in the attachment to Indian cultures and the influences of the continent.

The Maldives is a destination that you must not miss in the Indian Ocean Region. You can choose when to visit the Maldives in order to enjoy the various activities of the archipelago that interest you. The weather is great throughout the year and you are not at any risk whatsoever even if you visit on a whim!