The Bali Rice Terraces are a must-visit for tourists on the island as they are some of the most gorgeous and photo-worthy places. And the best thing is, they're easily accessible as you can find numerous rice fields around the island's countryside. They use the traditional Balinese irrigation method that allows less water to be used for planting, thus enabling the rice to be planted on the slopes of hillsides. Here are eight of the best rice fields in Bali that you should visit.

1. Tegalalang, Ubud

The Tegalalang Rice Terraces are the most famous rice fields in Bali, and for good reason. The lush, green valley is stunning to look at especially just as the sun rises over the valley in the morning. Besides the rice fields, there are the famous Bali swing and Love Bali sign that make for good photo spots. Tegalalang is one of the more touristy rice terraces on the island, so you can expect to run into big group of tourists especially during the peak hours before noon.

2. Rendang, East Bali

Rendang is a small mountain village in the Karangasem regency. The rice terraces here are quite easy to spot when you're travelling by the area, and they are no less stunning than Tegalalang. The area has a few rivers running through it and has many intricate stone statues and temples lining the roadsides. If you're here, make sure you also visit the Telaga Waja white water rapids which is in the same countryside.

3. Jatiluwih, Tabanan

Listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, the Jatiluwih rice terraces are located on the southern slopes of the Batukaru mountain range in Tabanan, West Bali. It covers an area over 600 hectares, which makes it the largest in Bali. The large paddy fields give you an expansive view of uninterrupted greenery no matter where you look. The fields are managed by the local village cooperative, and entrance to the main area requires a fee that supports to cooperative.

4. Pererenan, Canggu

Pererenan is located close to Canggu's favourite surfing beaches, and as a result, the drive to the Balinese rice terraces here will take you through main roads with scenic views. This and neighbouring Seseh frequently see horse riding tours which go on till the nearby black-sand beaches. Besides having scenic rice fields, Pererenan is also close to the Tanah Lot Temple, which is about 20 minutes away.

5. Sidemen, Karangasem

Located in the Karangasem Regency in East Bali, the Sidemen rice fields are set among calm rural villages. Sidemen is a short drive away from Klungkung and Besakih temples, making it a popular stop for visitors on the temple tour route. There are various paddy tours here where you can walk through the fields and learn about the local produce. A unique souvenir from the village is the traditionally dyed weavings known as songket and endek.

6. Munduk, North Bali

Munduk, in North Bali is famous for its waterfalls and local produce. While it's not as well known as other rice terraces further south, it's just as stunning. The rice terraces here are arranged at a gentler slope in a charming countryside, with trees all around them. While you're here, be sure to check out the local fruits such as durians and bananas.

7. Pupuan, Tabanan

Located in Tabanan Regency close by to Jatiluwih, Pupuan is a small farming village with various produce. You can find many other nearby farms growing durians, cocoa, coffee, and other tropical fruits. There are also various paths to be explored which will lead you to beautiful streams and waterfalls.

8. Kekeran, Badung

Kekeran is one of the lesser-known rice terraces in Bali. The rice fields here extend for kilometres into the jungle in the distance, and all the way, there's a small river running by the fields. Located in Badung Regency, Kekeran is one of the closer rice fields to Bali's tourist hub.

Bali's various rice fields are worth a visit if you like lush greenery and being in nature. Plus, they make for great additions to your holiday photo album. At Club Med Bali, we can arrange for tours of some of the best rice terraces on the island such as Tegalalang, and even excursions to other natural wonders. So book your stay with us and let us make your holiday a memorable one!