Club Med Small Ship Cruises

In recent years, there has been a notable resurgence in the popularity of small luxury cruises, as travelers seek out immersive journeys into uncharted landscapes. While standard cruises offer a plethora of activities and amenities, small cruise ship holidays provide a premium and personalised experience, often featuring once-in-a-lifetime excursions. This guide provides insight into the world of small luxury cruise ships, with a focus on the exclusive itineraries available aboard Club Med 2.

Distinguishing Small Ship Cruises from Standard Cruises

While large cruises in destinations such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean remain popular, small ship cruises offer a unique and intimate experience. With typically fewer than 800 passengers on board, these cruises provide a sense of privacy and tranquility, creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

The compact size of small boat ships allows them to access ports and docks that are inaccessible to larger vessels. This opens up the opportunity to explore off-the-beaten-path islands, towns, and natural landscapes. Small luxury cruises often venture into remote and challenging environments, providing opportunities to explore untouched ecosystems and observe wildlife. This appeals to travelers seeking unique getaways away from the crowds. Club Med 2, for example, offers such exclusive itineraries including a mini cruise to Portofino, Ile Rousse and Bonifacio, allowing you to uncover the hidden wonders of alternative locations.

In contrast, standard cruises tend to focus on popular ports and tourist hubs that can accommodate larger numbers of passengers. Their itineraries are designed around destinations that can provide more traditional tourist experiences.

Benefits of Small Ship Cruising

Small luxury cruise ships offer a range of benefits that set them apart from their larger counterparts. With fewer passengers on board, lines and queues are virtually non-existent. This ensures that you can fully savour exquisite meals, refreshing drinks, and exciting activities and excursions without interruptions. The serene waters and intimate ambiance of small cruise ship holidays allow you to escape the crowds and enjoy moments of solitude.

The smaller number of passengers fosters a sense of camaraderie among travellers, transforming interactions into cherished memories. Additionally, the limited passenger count provides more private accommodations, whether it's a luxurious suite or a secluded deck area. This privacy becomes a true luxury during small cruise ship holidays.

Small luxury cruise ships are designed for efficient navigation, allowing passengers to quickly acclimate to the layout of the ship. This efficiency maximises your time for relaxation and exploration. These ships can also access hidden harbours, secret coves, and remote ports that are off-limits to larger vessels, enhancing the sense of discovery.

Size and Features of large sailing ships

Large sailing ships typically range from approximately 150 to 500 feet in length, offering a cosier environment for travelers seeking immersive exploration. Onboard, you'll find a limited number of elegant cabins and suites, many of which feature large windows and private balconies for stunning views and refreshing sea breezes. While small cruise ships don't always offer the extensive amenities of larger ships, they provide a curated selection of upscale features.

An excellent example is Club Med 2, which spans 2,700 square meters of teak deck and boasts 184 cabins. This vessel seamlessly blends luxury and intimacy, offering two salt water pools, four bars serving all-inclusive wines and spirits, and two gourmet restaurants along with exclusive cabin service. Onboard activities include adrenaline-filled sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding, fitness sessions, and wellbeing yoga sessions - allowing you to meditate with a breathtaking view. From its visual elegance to its complimentary concierge service, Club Med 2 epitomises the essence of small luxury cruise ships, delivering tailored experiences that combine leisure, discovery, and sophistication.

Categories of Cruise Ships

Cruise ship holidays come in various categories, each offering a unique atmosphere to suit different preferences:

Mega-Ships/Large Ships: These vessels accommodate 2,500 to 3,500+ passengers. They offer a blend of luxury and vibrant city life at sea, with top-notch dining options, entertainment venues, pools, and even amusement park rides.

Mid-Sized Ships: With a capacity of 1,500 to 3,499 passengers, these ships provide refined charm and a slightly more intimate atmosphere. Upscale dining, captivating performances, and poolside relaxation are highlights.

Small-Mid/Small Ships: Carrying 800 to 1,499 passengers, these ships offer a balance of exclusivity and exploration. Travellers can uncover hidden gems, enjoy gourmet cuisine, and engage with fellow passengers and attentive crew members.

Small Ships: These vessels accommodate 799 passengers or fewer, focusing on unparalleled intimacy, personalised service, and unforgettable destinations. Club Med 2 exemplifies this category offering itineraries from Calvi to Portovenere or our winter Carribean cruises to The Grenadine Islands, as well as a range of activities for various demographics on board, from families and children to couples and groups of friends.

Club Med Cruise

The resurgence of small luxury cruises has introduced travelers to a more personalised and immersive way of exploring the world's hidden treasures. With Club Med 2 as a prime example, small cruise ship holidays provide a blend of elegance, adventure, and tailored experiences, ensuring that every journey is unforgettable. Whether you're embarking on a mini cruise or a transatlantic escape, the world of small cruise ships awaits, inviting you to discover the beauty of exclusive destinations.

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