Phuket is home to numerous attractions which cater to all kinds of travellers. Whether you're a family looking to have fun on the beach or a group of friends looking to party through your holiday, there's something here for you. Patong Beach is Phuket's most well-known beach which has grown into a tourist hub. While it is one of the more touristy locations on the island, Patong still has a lot to offer.

History of Patong

Patong, Phuket is one of the top party capitals in Asia with its exciting beach and buzzing nightlife. However, it started out as a humble, small fishing village with families living in traditional huts and houses. In the late 70s to 80s, the government decided to transform Patong into a tourist hub after finding backpackers regularly visiting this village. Patong Beach hence became a popular destination among Europeans, especially the Scandinavians. It continues to be a hit among international tourists. In fact, it has a fusion of international menus including Chinese, Indian, Western, and other Asian foods.

How to Get to Patong Beach?

Patong Beach is easily accessible by taxi, bus, and hire cars. It's 35 km away from the airport and there's no shortage of transportation from the airport to Patong, with rates varying depending on the transport you choose whether it be meter-taxi, minibus, or airport shuttle bus.

Patong is less than 20 minutes away from Club Med Phuket, so getting there after a day of shopping or night of clubbing is just a short ride away. You can cover Patong Beach and town on foot, but there are also motorbike taxis, minivans, and regular taxis for hire. If you decide to hire an unmetered vehicle, make sure you agree on a rate with your driver before the trip to avoid getting overcharged.

What to Do in Patong?

There are many things to do on Patong Beach during your Phuket trip, from sunbathing to diving. You can also explore the town or even visit a night market. Take a look at what else you can do here:

  • Enjoy The Beach
    While Phuket's Patong Beach can be crowded during peak season, it's still a fun place to be at. You can sunbathe, get a massage on the beach, or take part in a water sport like parasailing and jet skiing.

  • Diving and Snorkelling
    If going underwater is more your thing, you can book a diving or snorkelling trip here as well. There are several dive companies around Phuket, including in Patong. Most of the diving centres provide the PADI Scuba Diving or PADI Open Water Diving course and certificate. If you stay with us at Club Med, we're happy to arrange diving trips and courses for you with Phuket's experienced divers and instructors.

  • Enjoy The Nightlife
    Besides providing water sports at the beach, Patong is also Phuket's party and clubbing capital. Patong's famous Bangla Street is where most of the discos, go-go bars, and cabaret clubs are located. You can find all kinds of bars and clubs here, from cozy places to more exotic ones. If the Patong nightlife scene is not for you, you can still visit Bangla Street in the daytime, or go shopping at one of Patong's malls.

  • Shopping
    Patong is a great place for shopping with its night markets and shopping malls. The night markets here offer all kinds of goods from handicrafts, mobile phone accessories, to delicious street food. The Malin Plaza Patong and OTOP night markets are must-visits when you're in Phuket.

Patong shopping malls are also great places to visit as they have everything including food, electronics, clothes, and entertainment centres (arcades, bowling alley, and more). Jungceylon Mall is the biggest mall, located opposite Bangla Street, while Banana Walk Shopping Mall is a fairly new mall that's also worth a visit.

When at Patong Beach, don't forget to visit other parts of Patong too as they are very colourful and have a lot to offer. With the exception of Bangla Street, most of Patong is family-friendly.

Being less than 20 minutes away from Patong, Club Med Phuket is a great place to stay at if you're looking for a wholesome resort with ample facilities. We hope the information is helpful to you, and hope to see you soon!

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