To rest or to play on holiday? If your answer is the latter, this is for you. From activities in and above the water or near volcanoes and jagged rock walls, our Club Med resorts cater to those who seek fun and excitement. Here are 5 of our favourite adrenaline rush activities for lovers of adventure travel in Southeast Asia.

Get your heart rate up at a Thai boxing class

Challenge your mental and physical abilities with a Thai boxing class at Club Med Phuket. Not too sure what Thai boxing entails? Think normal boxing...but with punching and kicking using your fist, elbows, feet and knees. Not only will you work out your entire body but you’ll also learn about the deep roots of Thai culture. With our trained Thai boxing GOs to coach you along the way, beginners will know all the basic techniques while experienced boxers can perfect their skills.

Fun fact: One of our Thai Boxing GOs won 245 professional fights!

Brave the rapid waters on a rafting excursion*

At Club Med Bali, there are so many more things to do beyond relaxing by the pool. Take a trip off the beaten track and venture on a rafting expedition at the Ayung River. Travel downstream with your crew for a glimpse into authentic rural Balinese life at the riverbanks. But don’t let the scenic landscapes distract you from the fast-moving waters, or else you’ll risk tipping the raft over. Avoid big rocks, work as a team and paddle through as you tackle the route. Once you make your way to the finish line, lunch will be on us for you to reenergise.

Test your strength at the rock-climbing wall

Adventure travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone. Strap on the climbing shoes, harness and helmet and make your way to the summit of Club Med Cherating’s natural rock wall. Situated by the beach where the breeze is cool and the sun is at its brightest, the natural rock wall sits at around 15 meters tall. Its jagged edges and towering stance exhilarate those who dare to tackle the climb. Be strategic with your steps, hold on tight and let go of the fear of falling. With our climbing GOs there to belay and support as you make your way to the top, your safety is in good hands. All you have to do is use all your strength and adrenaline to ascend to the summit.

Soar above the water on a Flyboard*

If you’ve ever dreamed of either walking or flying above the water, then we have just the thing for you. At Club Med Bintan, try your hand on a flyboard adventure. Settle into the jet boots and take to the air. Do you think you can keep your balance? Take advantage of the water pressure underneath you to stand, move back and forth and perform tricks above the water. Feel free to solo your flight in the air or tandem with our flyboard GO for more support. Don’t forget to admire the view while you’re up there.

Go on a sunrise trek at a famous volcano

Trekking on mountains is one thing but trekking on a volcano is a whole other ball game. At Club Med Bali trek one of the island’s most famous volcano, Mount Batur. Be prepared to start the day super early so you can catch the sunrise when you reach the top at 1,717 meter above sea level. On this two-hour trek, make sure to drink lots of water and wear breathable clothing attire. Once you make your way back to the resort, reward yourself with a cold swim in the pool.