Bali is a magical place that will no doubt give you wonderful memories, though you sometimes need something physical to remind yourself of the good times, not mentioning to share with your family and friends. For that, you have a wide range of Bali souvenirs you can choose from. If you're looking for amazing souvenirs to get during your shopping in Bali, continue reading below.

1. Batik Textiles and Sarongs

Batik is a traditional dyed textile popular in Indonesia. It comes in various colours, designs, and sizes. You can find batik scarves, sarongs, handkerchiefs, and dresses in many of Bali's arts and crafts markets in its crafts capital in Ubud, though many sellers do sell them at tourist attractions too.

2. Balinese Wooden Crafts

One of the popular souvenirs of Bali are its wooden crafts. Local artists produce everything including magnificent Balinese masks, small animal motifs, kitchen utensils, toys, and the list goes on. Check out masks based on Balinese mythic creatures such as Barong for a really unique piece of Bali.

3. Paintings

Paintings are unique keepsakes to get when shopping in Bali. The painting style varies depending on where and who you buy it from, so you're bound to find a painting that really speaks to you. Subjects you can find include Balinese dancers, architecture, scenes of local life, and mythological scenes

4. Handmade Jewellery

Bali has numerous craftsmen who specialise in jewellery making and you can find their work either at boutiques or at a jewellery museum where you can see how the silver pieces are made. Head to Ubud and Seminyak to find the best Balinese silver jewellery.

5. Pie Susu - Milk Custard Tart

Local snacks always make good gifts and the Pie Susu is a great Balinese souvenir to get your friends. You can find this soft, milk pie in various flavours including the original milk flavour, chocolate, and the list goes on. Don't miss it when you're in Bali!

6. Traditional Balinese Wine and Arak

Compared to the rest of Indonesia, alcohol is much easier to find in Bali where there's a thriving local brewery scene. Traditional Balinese alcohol is made by fermenting rice and you can get traditional rice wine and arak (which is a stronger spirit, typically clear) from local producers such as Dewi Sri.

7. Balinese Coffee

When shopping in Bali, be sure to get some local coffee. Besides the popular Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee, you can get freshly roasted coffee beans and ground coffee from local cafes, plantations, roasters, and even major supermarkets. If you have coffee lovers in your circle, these make the perfect gift.

8. Carved Shells

Being an island, Bali has easy access to seashells and you can get them carved with various intricate patterns from floral to traditional Balinese motifs. They come in varying sizes and make for a great display item in any home. If seashells are not your thing, you can also find carved coconut shells with equally intricate motifs.

9. Rattan Goods

Rattan is a widely used material in Bali where they are made into everything including floor mats, table mats, handbags, purses, baskets, hats, and much more. When shopping in Bali, why not get a few rattan items? They're lightweight, useful, and last for ages.

10. Gamelan Ball

A gamelan is a large ensemble of mainly percussive instruments played during functions and religious ceremonies. With a gamelan ball, you get a miniature version of it that you can carry around. They come mainly in silver and can be used as a key chain or even an amulet.

As you can see, there are endless shopping opportunities in Bali. With so many items to choose from, we're certain you'll be able to find souvenirs that your friends and family at home will love. If you're looking for a hassle-free accommodation so you can focus on creating lasting memories in Bali, check out Club Med Bali. We're looking forward to seeing you here!