Sicily’s Best Beaches

As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and a region of Italy, you wouldn’t be wrong to think breathtaking waters and powdery sands are guaranteed on Sicilian beaches. And thankfully, they most definitely deliver.

From palm tree-scattered shores to spots boasting an array of watersports like snorkeling, there’s a Sicilian beach for every traveller’s taste. And with quieter gems just as easy to scout out as more popular locations, there’s something for every family holiday, couples escape, and solo travel.

Read on to find out which Sicily beaches we wholeheartedly recommend paying a visit to.

The best Sicily beach for couples

Top spot: Sampieri

Just over a three hour drive from our Club Med Cefalù resort lies Sampieri beach on the southern tip of Sicily, around 40 kilometres from Ragusa and 11 kilometres from Scicli.

Although this piece of Italian paradise spans long and wide for 4 kilometres, it’s on the quieter side of the Italian beach spectrum, making it the ideal beach for couples. A little known fact about the spot: the nearby brick factory played a ruined tuna fishery in the Commissario Montalbano (Inspector Montalbano) series. Adding a gothic edge and haunting feel to an otherwise tranquil setting, with the addition of pine woods and dunes, Sampieri offers rustic scenery alongside pristine sands.

Sporting clear, shallow waters and private swimming spots perfect for paddling, a day spent at Sampieri is guaranteed to be laced with an unrivalled calmness. There are umbrellas and loungers for visitors to rent, alongside outdoor showers - the ingredients for a truly accommodating beach day. With the restaurants located directly on the beach, this rural gem is somewhere beachgoers can make themselves at home for the day.

Runner-up: Spiaggia dei Conigli

Translating to “Rabbit Beach”, the charmingly labelled Spiaggia dei Conigli is named after its previous inhabitants. Found on Lampedusa, an island south west of Sicily, it’s around a four hour ferry journey from the island of Sicily. But don’t be deterred, as the isolated setting and emerald waters alone make it worth the venture, especially for couples craving a romantic escape.

Known as one of the best beaches in Europe, it’s no surprise that this spot fills up quickly. A beautifully clean stretch of sand reminiscent of the Maldives, it’s impossible to do justice to this mesmerising plot of Italian paradise. Open from 8:30am until 7:30pm, it’s entirely possible to soak up every last drop of the wonders this island has to offer.

The best Sicily beach for families

Top spot: Calamosche

As one of the best known beaches in the Vendicari Reserve, it’s no surprise that Calamosche is a hub of family-friendly sights and experiences. Around a three hour car journey from our Club Med Cefalù resort, this spot sits on the eastern coast of the island.

Nestled in the Vendicari Reserve, a myriad of wildlife like flamingos, herons and storks are up for viewing whilst meandering through the reserve - a welcome sight for children and families. Bookended by two rock faces covered in wild shrubs and exotic flora, the beautiful nature on show at Calamosche is unrivalled.

Located down a dirt track and then a 20 minute journey by foot, a trip to Calamosche isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s worth the journey for the charmingly calm, friendly waves and soft sands. At only 200 metres wide, this Sicilian beach is ideal for young families.

Runner-up: Isola delle Correnti and Fontane Bianche

Renowned for being uncrowded, Isola delle Correnti and Fontane Bianche is the perfect Sicilian beach for families. Located at the southern tip of Sicily, guests of our resort can expect around a three hour drive, so we recommend squeezing a few more activities in the day to make the journey worthwhile.

With clear, warm waters for company, this spot is ideal for families who enjoy taking a dip together or partaking in water-based games. As the Mediterranean and Ionian seas collide at Isola delle Correnti and Fontane Bianche, visitors can head home with a unique experience ticked off.

The Best Sicily beach for Water Sports

Top spot: Cefalu

Only a 16 minute drive or 40 minute walk from our Club Med Cefalù resort sits Cefalù beach. Attracting adventure-seekers and spectators holidaying on the island, this popular spot is known for its array of watersports and excursions on offer.

Partake in a paddleboard tour to explore the neighbourhood sea caves and lap up stunning rock formations. Ogle at the local sea life on a diving and snorkelling expedition to spot octopus and scorpion fish. Or, bob along the turquoise waters atop a kayak. For those craving a less hands-on water adventure, sailing cruises are also available.

Nestled at the front of the historic old town, Cefalù offers a beautifully rustic backdrop. With the Norman cathedral, whitewashed houses, and a selection of Sicily's best restaurants just a stone’s throw away, visitors can also enjoy a touch of culture at Cefalù beach. Serving up swoon-worthy sunsets come evening too, settle down for a mesmerising sky-show post adventure.

Runner-up: Catania

For watersport holiday lovers and explorers, we wholeheartedly recommend the east coast city of Catania. Home to beautiful waters, it’s no surprise that this breathtaking coast is beating with a range of activities.

Visitors can embark on diving tours and witness unique flora and fauna like octopus and gorgonians with a marine biologist guide. Or, head out snorkelling to marvel over volcanic formations and lava beds. For those who prefer to stay above water but enjoy a thrill, group sailing excursions are available. Plus, the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spot wildlife on a dolphin spotting tour.

The most relaxing Sicily beach

Top spot: Cala Rossa

Two and a half hours by car from our Club Med Cefalù resort, beach-seekers will find Spiaggia di Cala Rossa. Known as one of Sicily’s most beautiful beaches, this spot is wholeheartedly worth the journey for the exquisite scenery alone.

Popular with locals and holidayers, and rightly so, this spot fills up in no time. So it’s best to venture over between the morning and afternoon. Relax by the pristine, peaceful waters of Cala Rossa with a good book for a truly tranquil sunbathing session. Boasting a bluer than blue pantone, it would be rude not to take a dip in the sea. However, we recommend sporting aqua shoes as the Cala Rossa terrain falls into the rocky category.

To see the postcard-perfect sands and waters of Cala Rossa from a different angle and learn about the Favignana area, embark on a guided boat trip. Aboard, you’ll relax with local aperitifs and have the option to explore the enchanting coves of Favignana and Levanzo.

Runner-up: Torre Salsa

Is there anything more relaxing than a beach inside a nature reserve? Our answer: most definitely not.

Torre Salsa is one of Sicily’s longest beaches and is found between the ancient Greek ruins of Agrigento and Selinunte. Lesser known, but to a visitor’s advantage, this gem sports untouched sands and stunning white chalk cliffs. Popular with scuba divers and snorkelers, a myriad of sea life frequents the area waiting to be discovered. As a hidden spot, we recommend packing plenty of water and refreshments when spending the day at Torre Salsa.

The most picturesque Sicily beach

Top spot: Scala dei Turchi (Stairs of the Turks)

If steeped white cliffs and oh-so dramatic scenery are top of your ‘picturesque Sicilian beach’ requirements, Scala dei Turchi is a must-visit. Translating to ‘Stairs of the Turks’, the name refers to the raids made by Arabian pirates who used the naturally-formed ‘cliff steps’ to climb ashore.

Two hours by car from our resort, Scala dei Turchi offers more than just sunbathing. Take in the natural beauty of the Realmonte area and an unbelievable view of the crystal waters with a serene walk along the breathtaking cliffs. Or, take a peaceful walk along the beach, either basking in the daytime rays or revelling in the delights of a saccharine sunset. Make the most of the picture-perfect backdrop and bring along a picnic or head to one of the nearby restaurants.

Runner-up: Sciacca

A small fishing town on the southwestern coast of Sicily, Sciacca is known for its collection of small beaches boasting mesmerising views of the Mediterranean Sea.

A chocolate box of colourful Sicilian houses and humble boats, Sciacca sets the scene for an authentic Italian day out as well as offering the perfect beach experiences. Surrounded by half a dozen golden beaches, take your pick from shallow-watered spots, isolated havens, and party-laden locations. But one thing every one of Sciacca’s beaches have in common is the stunning scenery. Expect the creme de creme of pristine waters and sands, alongside intriguing sea life-scattered reefs.