After the BIG NEWS of Club Med Cherating Beach in Malaysia receiving a PLATINUM Green Globe Certification, signifying over 10 years of repeatedly being honored with a Green Globe for eco and sustainable tourism practices, we wanted to take a deeper look at the hard work they’ve been doing for the environment and local communities.

First off, what is ‘Green Globe’? It’s the highest and most thoroughly tested standard of responsible tourism: resorts must prove amazing levels of sustainability across all aspects. 100% of our resorts is Asia have been awarded the prestigious certification, and 75% globally with the aim to be 100%!

10 years later, we’re proud to announce that our resort just been awarded a Green Globe PLATINUM status for having the certification for over 10 years in a row! Check out the cool certificate below:

But what does it mean concretely?

Caring for environment

We are working hard to preserve our dream locations and make sure that the happiness you get when you’re on a Club Med holidays doesn’t happen at the expenses of nature.

At Club Med Cherating Beach (as in all of our resorts globally), the built-up surface only covers 7% of the total site surface and therefore we got 60 hectares of primary tropical rain-forest preserved that provides a home for macaque monkeys and many more tropical species. Respecting the fauna and flora of the natural areas during the constructions of our resorts play an important role in the preservation of biodiversity including protection of endangered species.

Inside the resort, we’ve also taken serious eco-commitments:

Removal of ALL food and beverage single use plastics products - Bye plastic!
Food waste monitoring and reduction thanks to a smart connected equipment
To save our most important natural resource: natural waste water treatment and recycling
Solid waste recycling and on-site composting.
To take it further and involve our lovely guests of Club Med Cherating into our sustainable initiatives, we propose many green activities in which anyone can participate:

Jungle trail with a dedicated nature guide: our Green GO (staff) will guide and educate your family into the dense jungle where birds chirp in the trees. That’s a fun eco-trek game to discover all the wildlife and lush nature in this treasured destination.
To raise awareness of your little ones, the Amazing Family program at Club Med Cherating proposes a nature treasure hunt with quests that’ll help them learn more about their precious planet.

Caring for our local communities

Respecting our host country and its population is one of Club Med’s founding principles. That’s why, at Club Med Cherating we took our commitments towards our hosts very seriously, and we try to give back to local communities as much as possible. For example, we source our food fromlocal producers and we support local community development projects too, just to name a few aspects.

Also, at Club Med Cherating we took many commitment through Club Med La Fondation, created on a global scale, to facilitate the volunteering work of its employees in favour of charitable initiatives.

Here’s a list of our current achievements and ongoing projects through Club Med La Fondation at Club Med Cherating:

Sports school for children from the Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan association
Friends from around the world: encounter between our guests and local children from the Sungai Baging Primary school
Worldwide Snack events with children from the Orphanage and the Rapha Children home
Swimming lessons for local children hosted at the pool of our resort
Possibility for our staff to donate online or in the resort, during their stay or during Foundation’s events: water-ball funraising sessions, Shave-a-thon to raise funds for La Foundation (our guests donated for our Sports Manager to shave his hair).

If you’re interested in sustainability and want to find out more about our commitments, you’re welcome to visit our website.

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