Bali's landscape is as diverse as it is stunning, and though it may best be known for its beaches, its highest peaks are where you go to the get the best views on the island. Located in the Bangli Regency in Northeast Bali, Mount Batur has been attracting visitors who want to experience the magical sunrise in Bali atop the mountain's peaks. If you've always wanted to go hiking in Bali and experience a different part of the island, read on to learn more.

About Mount Batur

Mount Batur is an active volcano in Northeast Bali. Standing at an elevation of 1,717 metres, it's a relatively low mountain compared to others in Indonesia. This makes it popular among tourists of all ages, as the trek to the top is a relatively easy one.

At its base are several villages and a huge crater lake which is surrounded by lush greenery and a few farms. There are even restaurants in the area to cater to visitors who trek up the mountain. Hiking up Mount Batur can safely be done on your own, though it's advisable to bring along a guide, especially if it's your first time.

If the base of the mountain is covered in green, the paths up the slope and closer to the top are covered in black lava from the volcano's past eruptions. You can also see steam rising up from cracks in the rock.

Sunrise Hiking Tour Up Mount Batur

The best time to go hiking in Bali is before sunrise. That way, you'll reach the mountain top in time to catch the sun ascending over the horizon. To catch the sunrise at 6:00 AM, you'll need to climb in the dark as ascending Mount Batur typically takes two hours.

If you stay in the southern part of Bali such as at Club Med, Nusa Dua, you'd typically leave your resort before 2:00 AM as the drive to the mountain takes about two hours.

The views on your climb up and at the peak depend on the weather and cloud coverage on the day, so if possible, do check the weather forecast and consult with the tour provider before booking your date. Throughout the path, the terrain varies between small and steeper inclines giving most climbers enough time to rest or catch their breath.

What to Wear on Your Hike

The temperature on the mountain change according to the altitude, time, and from day to day. With the altitude being relatively low compared to other mountains like Mount Agung, a comfortable pair of shorts or long track pants and a T-shirt is suitable for most people.

It's a good idea to bring a jacket or a hoodie for when it's colder at the beginning of your climb and when you're at the peak. If you plan to catch the Balinese sunrise in the wet season, do bring a waterproof jacket. Another vital part of your outfit are your shoes; be sure to wear comfortable shoes with good grip like hiking shoes or trainers.

What to Bring With You

To ensure you have a good experience hiking in Bali, there are some essentials you should bring. Here are some of them:

A small backpack to carry your water bottle, snacks, and other personal essentials.
Extra water and snacks; you'll be provided with some by your guide as well.
A small headlamp; you'll be provided with a flashlight as well.
A good camera if you have one, though a smartphone camera works fine too.

No matter what your experience level is, Mount Batur offers quite a straightforward hiking experience in Bali. Plus, you'll get to see some of the best views the island has to offer. At Club Med Bali, we can arrange sunrise hiking tours up Mount Batur and numerous other excursions around Bali besides providing everything you need for a perfect holiday. So do check us out and book a stay with us today!

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