There’s nothing better than a snow holiday adventure with your closest friends. With good company, a snowy playground of adventure and indulgence, what more could you really ask for? Grab your nearest and dearests for an all-inclusive winter holiday at Club Med’s Tomamu or Sahoro resort. Make the most of Japan’s rich culture and powder paradise with these must-try experiences for the best group ski holiday in Hokkaido.

Our 5 favourite activities for a group ski holiday at Club Med Japan

#1 – Take your tastebuds to the next level with Hokkaido’s authentic flavours

For all the food lovers out there, you won’t want to miss Japan’s finest cuts of Wagyu beef. A popular way the Japanese like to indulge in their Wagyu beef is to have an authentic yakiniku experience. The term “yakiniku” translates to “grilled meat,” so if you’re a barbeque lover, you’re in for a treat! For groups staying in Club Med Tomamu, book a table at the Haku Restaurant and gather around the grill to cook your own cuts of meat.

But that’s not the only way Wagyu beef is enjoyed. You can also share a meal of shabu-shabu, the Japanese version of hot pot at Club Med Sahoro’s Mina Mina restaurant. Served with fresh cuts of beef, seafood and vegetables on the side, your job is simple. Grab your chopsticks and dip your choice of sides into the simmering soup for a customised meal of your choice.

With both meals traditionally served in a shareable grill and pot, it’s the perfect place to bond over new delicacies and lovely conversation.

#2 - Experience whisky and sake on a whole new level*

The best way to wrap up a hearty meal of Japanese BBQ and shabu-shabu? For us, it’s indulging in a whisky and sake tasting session. Make your way to The Nest if you’re staying at Club Med Tomamu or The Wakka if you’re staying at Club Med Sahoro. Here, you can cosy up as a group by the fireplace and soak in the mountain views over a glass or two of local whiskies and sakes.

For a more personalised experience, enjoy a guided tasting of premium Japanese whiskies by our knowledgeable bartenders. From Japan’s Nikka and Suntory single malt Yamazaki, you’ll taste nothing quite like it. And if you’re feeling peckish, take full advantage of our a la carte selection of small bites. By the end of the night, you’ll feel as warm as ever and in good company.

#3 – Make the most of the slopes as a group

Our favourite way to spend our days in Hokkaido’s snowy paradise is to tackle the slopes on skis with our closest friends. What’s not to love about thrilling activities and the people we enjoy most? It’s the perfect recipe for laughs and memorable moments of fun. Challenge the slopes together and make a request for your group to be in one class. Whether a friend trips and falls, or another glides through the snow with ease, you’ll learn and share both successes and failures as one group.

Let our instructors guide you from beginner to expert level, putting you at ease on all types of terrain and snow. And once you’re there, consider a guided night skiing session too. As the sun sets and the mountain goes to sleep, our GO will take you and your buddies on a memorable run under a star-filled sky.

#4 – Pay a visit to the Ice Village*

Only minutes away from our Hokkaido resorts is the iconic Ice Village. Staying true to its name, everything from the bar to the bakery is made of ice. For the best time to visit, drop by when the sun has gone down to enjoy the sparkling lights that embrace the igloo structures and nature surrounding the Ice Village. This evening destination is unlike any place else for its magical snowy landscape. So, grab your friends and camera as you’ll find yourself wanting to snap pictures from all directions.

#5 - Take it slow and relax

The best group ski holidays include not only the most exciting activities, but also the most leisurely. Balance out the thrill of the slopes and opt for a relaxing apres-ski experience at Club Med Tomamu’s indoor heated pool or Club Med Sahoro’s outdoor Canadian bath. Revitalise after a day of skiing, throw on your bathing suits and jump into the warm waters for ultimate relaxation.

Float, swim or even paddleboard in Japan’s largest indoor pool at Club Med Tomamu to enjoy the warm waters all winter long. Or if you want an experience unlike any other at Club Med Sahoro, jump in the open-air Canadian baths. Surrounding by snow and mountain vistas, this soul-warming bath is the perfect place to spend quiet moments with family and friends while taking in peerless views.