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Mauritius - Discover the Hidden Paradise of the Indian Ocean

Paradise is where you can experience the bright colours of the sky, the softness of white sand, and the sun's warmth all at once. It's where you can dive into crystal clear waters and feel like you're swimming in the lap of luxury. A place where you can go hiking through lush forests or explore diverse cultures and their delicious cuisine. Mauritius Island is one place on earth that combines all these things and creates an incredible experience.

You can discover an exclusive natural setting where breathtaking landscapes and fascinating biodiversity meet traditional Mauritian cultures, making every day a highlight during your stay at Club Med. We combine the magic of the island and private island style and place them in our resorts created to accommodate your needs and desires. So whether you want to enjoy Mauritius as a couple, with family, or with friends, our Mauritius resorts with private pools offer an array of water sports, activities, dining, and a wide range of rooms to choose from.

Choose from three of our best Mauritius resorts, which range from beachfront properties to private island escapes and luxury experiences. Each resort has its distinct character and personality, yet all share a passion for delivering exceptional service and experiences that create everlasting memories.

Discover paradise vacation in our all-inclusive resorts:

An idyllic family-friendly vacation at La Pointe aux Canonniers
Serene boho beach resort at La Plantation d’Albion
West coast Mauritius resort and a touch of tropics at Albion Villas

Highlights of Mauritius - The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean

Weather: In the land of endless summer, temperatures are never falling below 28 degrees Celsius.
High Season: January till April are summer months on the island.
Location: Island Republic is in the Indian Ocean, 1000 km east of Madagascar.
National Mascot: Famous Dodo bird that went extinct in the 17th century.
Nature: Lush natural wonders spread across the island. Some are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Currency: Mauritian rupee, which you can exchange at the airport.
Languages: As a multicultural society, most Mauritians speak English, French, Creole, and Hindi.
Culture: Mauritius is a unique place where African, Indian, Chinese, and Creole cultures come together.
Religion: Muslim, roman catholic, and Hindu religion.
Food: Diverse in French, Indian, East African, and Asian influences of colourful spices and herbs.
Festivals: Mauritius has 20 festivals per year celebrating the cultural diversity of the republic.
Beaches: Mauritius is well-known for its pristine white beaches and waters covered in coral reefs.

Your Unforgettable Family Holiday at All-Inclusive Mauritius Resorts

Let the locals lead you on an enchanting family holiday to legendary service, soul-stirring scenery, exquisite culinary delights, and a unique ambiance of tranquillity.

Find Your Family Adventure on Mauritius Island

Mauritius is an island paradise with a safe and clean environment. Its stunning tropical attractiveness is the ideal destination for your next family holiday. Many people are enticed by lush year-round greenery and dormant volcanoes.

Turn your family vacation into an adventure by exploring the natural and historical wonders of the island. Local guides will take you on tours and unforgettable excursions through nature parks. If you head east to La Vanille Nature Park, you can find another adventure for your family. The five-hectare nature reserve will surprise you with its wonders.

Stumble across native fauna during a pleasant hike through the lush forest, where you're sure to meet its residents, such as friendly giant tortoises, parakeets, deers, macaque monkeys, and flying foxes.

Exploration of the Mauritian jungle is just the start, and its wildlife adventures don't end there. Famous for its white sand beaches, let your family immerse their feet in soft white sand with sparkling turquoise waters washing it away. One of the best places to visit for snorkeling is Blue Bay Marine Park, covered in coral reef lagoons dating back hundreds of years.

A Family Holiday on Mauritius with a Healthy Dose of Diverse Cuisine

Sugar cane is an essential part of the island's history. You can find a local bakery in the southeastern part of the island still making Biscuits Manioc the traditional way. Every child in Mauritius knows that name by heart. The delicious gluten-free biscuits are made in a family-run factory, and the owners have kept the recipe the same for 150 years.

The taste of Mauritius has become a unique fusion of different origins. Mauritius' food is diverse, with French, Indian, East African, and Asian influences of colourful spices and herbs. It's an opportunity to show your family the colours of diverse cultures and their tasty meals. The best place to start is with local festivals held year-round celebrating each culture that lives on the island. You can find delicious snacks at the street food stalls, stores, and restaurants.

The diversity of flavour and colours is visible in Mauritian markets where the fresh produce is arranged neatly on displays bending under its weight. Hence, Mauritian cuisine is an experience of a lifetime and an unforgettable memory to take home.

Club Med: The Joy of a Family Holiday

Have you ever imagined your kids running up to you with a freshly baked cake? Or you can picture yourself enjoying an acting or singing show with your family. Club Med Mauritius Resorts has created a program to make all of this possible!

Club Med welcomes your family with a carefully designed program of activities you can do with your loved ones. We bring fun for the entire family from the comfort of your accommodation. While you lounge at the pool, your kids can prepare a show for you.

You can indulge with your kids in pancake parties, baking workshops, water activities, or tennis. We have designed the same concept with on-demand Children's Club Med, where the professional staff takes care of your child's activities while you and your spouse take time for yourselves.

Romantic Escape Where the Land Ends and Heaven Begins - Mauritius

Experiencing the Magic of Mauritius with a Pass to Luxury Inclusive Resorts

The famous American author Mark Twain once said that heaven was copied after Mauritius. It's the reason why Mauritius is one of the natural romantic spots for newlywed couples. Making that first step together deserves the holiday of your dreams. Mauritius has a lot to offer, from wild adventures to experiencing new things together.

At the island's southwestern edge is Le Morne Brabant Mountain, a historical natural monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing 556 meters above sea level, the views from the top are for couples looking to get away from the crowd and admire the breathtaking sight.

If you want to avoid climbing, you can visit the Chamarel Waterfall, the natural pool of Mauritius. Surrounded by dense greenery and canyons, it's thundering from 80 m high. The entrance at the bottom is a sight to behold and will leave you mesmerized and wishing to take a dip into its waters.

If you are a nature lover, you would love the experience of horse riding while watching the beautiful scenery of Mauritius. But is anything more romantic than watching the sunset while dipping your feet in the warm white sand on the beach?

To make it more delicious, you can visit one of the restaurants that prepare romantic dinners at the beach beneath the stars and by candlelight. Such is the Phare restaurant, known for its Asian dishes. It's just a few meters from the ocean, so it's bound to relax you.

If you want to feel the rhythm of paradise or see the Sega dancers on the beach, make sure to stop and listen. African descent still resonates along the Mauritian shores with dancers. At the same time, you can hear instruments such as the ravanne, maravanne, and triangle echo over the Indian Ocean alongside Creole songs to depict the Mauritian way of life.

Club Med Tropical Luxury Resorts Mauritius

The Ultimate Leisure Destination La Pointe aux Canonniers Resort

Imagine exploring majestic beaches from a secluded beach villa, followed by sipping cocktails at a bar overlooking the Indian Ocean. Our all-inclusive Mauritius resorts are magnificent and luxurious, with unmatched personalized service.

La Pointe aux Canonniers is located on the north of the island. It's a secluded all-inclusive resort perfect for a family vacation. Three colonial-style buildings boast 394 rooms ranging from deluxe, superior, and suite.

The resort has two private beaches, three restaurants, two pools, and a spa. Guest rooms are spacious, with balconies overlooking the ocean. Down at the beach restaurant, Alma Beach Lounge offers rich and varied local cuisines. There is also a bar where you can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies, homemade iced teas, and soft drinks the entire day.

There are several bars for drinks and snacks throughout the day and night. If you decide to indulge in activities, there is a Zen Zone for adults and childcare with fun activities for all ages. Since Mauritius is the land of endless beaches and oceans, you can experience snorkelling, kayaking, tennis, archery, and more.

It's your holiday. Our all-inclusive, flexible packages allow you to create your adventure, with 23 included and 29 on-demand activities to make your vacation the ultimate memorable experience.

What's Included:

  • Children's Club for kids aged 4-17
  • Gourmet cuisine breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Open bar & snacking
  • Sports and activities
  • Day and night entertainment
  • Free WiFi

Bohemian Inspired Beach Resort and Secluded Exclusive Getaway

From the moment you arrive, you will be whisked away from the hustle and bustle of Port Louis to a serene oasis. Conveniently located on the western part of the island among groves, our Club Med Resort La Plantation d'Albion is an ideal choice for leisure travellers.

La Plantation d'Albion gives you peace and tranquillity. Surrounded by nature, you will feel like you just arrived in paradise. The resort has 266 rooms, including Club, Deluxe, Suites, and Villas. Secluded amongst the natural surroundings, you can enjoy access to two restaurants. Just on the beach, La Mangrove gives you an experience of that slow beat of Mauritian life. This open-air bar will provide an insight into the island's best street food.

The best part of the resort is the Zen pool above the spa, where you can watch the sunset in a crescendo of showstopping colours overflow onto the ocean: blazing red, yellow, orange, and purple—a true symphony of sea and sky. Should you choose to indulge in activities, Club Med offers 29 included activities, or you can discover one of the 38 on-demand activities available.

Discover a captivating mix of Indian, African, and European flavours. Take your time and explore every corner of this luxurious resort. Our team will ensure you enjoy a relaxing stay and make the most of your visit.

What's Included:

  • Children's Club for kids aged 4-17
  • Gourmet cuisine breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Open bar & snacking
  • Sports and activities
  • Day and night entertainment
  • Free WiFi

The Hidden Tropical Gem of Mauritius Resorts

The intricate details of the villa and its surroundings create a paradise like no other. You can find your private heaven or explore the gorgeous island full of exciting activities. We guarantee that when you arrive, you will want to stay forever.

Albion Villas are located on the western Mauritius coast, just below the lush greenery covering the nearby hills. The landscaped gardens stretch around a resort while you can enjoy a glass of champagne served by a butler. Albion Villa's private beach among Liana trees and its sea view over the Indian Ocean make it a unique getaway in Mauritius. It offers quiet and peaceful moments with breathtaking landscapes.

Albion Villas have earned the Green Globe certification for pollution limitation and biodiversity preservation. Our resorts make responsible purchases, and we have partnered with local producers to offer our guests healthy and fresh products.

If you want to make your stay more active, the resort offers 28 included and 36 on-demand activities. Uncover the hidden gem of the Mauritius resorts with this exclusive offer!

What's Included:

  • Children's Club for kids aged 4-17
  • Gourmet cuisine breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Open bar & snacking
  • Sports and activities
  • Day and night entertainment
  • Free WiFi

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