Here are our tips for choosing the best time to visit Japan!

Its cuisine, sanctuary temples, cosmopolitan cities, the blossoming cherry trees and its magnificent natural landscapes, the Land of the Rising Sun is a fascinating destination.


Located in the northernmost island of the archipelago, Hokkaido enjoys a semi-continental climate with winters that are cold and particularly snowy. If you're wondering when to go to Japan to take advantage of the great ski slopes, book your holiday between November to March.

The slopes of Mount Tomamu or Mount Sahoro will then be the ideal destinations for snow lovers. Whether you are skiing, snowshoeing or dog sledding, you will enjoy a variety of activities and the breath-taking scenery of the Hidaka Mountains. In the evening, the delicious seafood caught on the coast just a few hours away will make for a succulent dinner. Take advantage of your winter getaway to discover Sapporo in the snow. Between modernity and tradition, this city reveals a fairy-tale appearance and if you're passing through in early February, don't miss the Snow Festival, which sees gigantic snow and ice sculptures looming large in the city streets.

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Looking to go to Japan for a vacation of swimming and water discovery? Despite some rainfall, summer and early autumn will allow you to take full advantage of the island's white sandy beaches and welcoming waters. The air and sea temperatures are usually around 29°C.

The beach of Sukuji is perfect to enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the turquoise waters. Its seabed will reveal multicoloured coral and fish during a snorkelling or diving session. Not far from there, the bay of Kabira is where you can head off on a maritime escapade on board a boat with a glass bottom. Explore the fauna and flora of this Japanese site, reputed to be one of the most beautiful in the country.

A unique barrier reef

On the east coast of Ishigaki-jima, Shiraho Lagoon is home to the largest blue coral reef in the world. This protected site offers you unforgettable snorkelling sessions off a secluded beach.

A unique barrier reef

On the east coast of Ishigaki-jima, Shiraho Lagoon is home to the largest blue coral reef in the world. This particularly protected site therefore reserves you unforgettable snorkeling sessions off a very little frequented beach.

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The blossoming of cherry trees (Sakura) is a highlight of Japanese life. It is the occasion to celebrate the return of spring during large family picnics in the shade of trees beautifully adorned with flowers of white and pink.

As the Japanese archipelago stretches over more than a thousand kilometres, the time to visit Japan, while the Sakura people dress up in their colourful robes, will depend on where you will be staying. On the tropical island of Ishigaki-jima, cherry blossoms can start to bloom as early as the end of January. Hokkaido will not see its cherry blossoms until the beginning of May.

Whenever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do in Japan – with so many exciting sights and adventures on offer, and tropical climates all year round (especially on Ishigaki-jima island) your stay will be successful.