Heading to Phuket for your next vacation? Great choice, as Phuket has some of the best beaches in the world, amazing people and local cuisine, lush greeneries, a vibrant nightlife and so much more. Also consider paying a visit to Karon Beach which has one of the longest beaches in Phuket. Not only does the white fine sand stretch on for miles, Karon has some of the best dining options and nightlife too. The best part is, it is a lot less crowded than Patong and maintains a relaxing chill vibe that caters for all!

Here are some top things to do in Karon Beach:

1. Watersports

Karon Beach is a great place to be if you are looking for some exciting adrenaline-pumping time on or in the water. There are various watersports offerings here, whether it’s jetskiing, parasailing, diving or snorkeling.

Karon is great for diving and snorkeling as the marine life here is diverse and colourful, and there is no shortage of dive operators here as well. Whether you are looking for budget or luxury diving tours, day trips or multi-day liveaboard trips, there is something for you here. Explore the islands of Koh Phi Phi, Surin, Similan and more, and if you are a beginner, fret not as there are many PADI courses available in Karon too!

If you prefer to stay above water, try out surfing, jet skiing or parasailing which are widely offered here as well. Surfing is best done during the low season from April to October and takes place at the southern end of Karon Beach. Parasailing is a great way to see Phuket from above and can be very thrilling, but do practice caution as many of the vendors may not have a license!

2. Thai Massage

One of the best reasons to visit Thailand is for the incredibly affordable and relaxing Thai massages. What better way to spend your day after a long night of partying, surfing and walking with a soothing spa session. You can find spas and massages for all budget ranges and the selections of techniques are varied as well.

At Karon Beach, you will find some of the best world-class spas and massage centers in Phuket. If you want something even more relaxing, opt for a beach massage; lie back and enjoy the tranquility of the waves crashing onto the shore while the masseuse kneads your stresses away. This is a highly-recommended thing to do so you can feel refreshed for another day of exploring Phuket!

3. Visit the temple and temple market

Besides the beach, there is also a lot to explore in Karon that can be very exciting. Visit the Karon Temple, or locally known as Wat Suwan Khirikhet, for a day of culture and peace. This temple is beautifully-crafted and visitors can walk around freely to admire the carvings and decorations. There is also a unique black Buddha statue in the building and many colourful monster statues from Thai folklore. Just a reminder that as with any temples, do dress appropriately and make sure you are covered from knee down.

If you are there on a Tuesday or Saturday, you are in luck as there will be a night market at the temple as well which is very popular among locals. This is the perfect place to try out street food and buy souvenirs, or try our crispy bugs if you are feeling adventurous!

4. Enjoy the view at Karon Viewpoint

Another not-to-be-missed thing to do in Karon is to check out the panoramic view from Karon Viewpoint. While it is not near Karon Beach itself, it is about 6km away towards the south of the island. This spot is popular for its sunset view and can get pretty crowded so head there early if you can.

Another great spot for a spectacular view is the Big Buddha which is also close to Karon Beach. This place is home to a massive Buddha statue and also where you can get the best 360 degree view of the entire island!

If you are staying at Club Med Phuket, you can also join a half-day excursion to these Phuket attractions: the Big Buddha, Wat Chalong and Wat Luang Pu, home of the oldest living monk in Thailand.

5. Try Thai cooking class

Thai cuisine is famous all over the world and for very good reasons. It combines the intricate tastes of different spices, herbs and curries and are complex yet flavourful to the palate. Try learning how to cook a Thai dish in Karon, whether it’s tom yum soup, green curry or pad Thai, and bring home this cooking skill as your souvenir!

A lot of hotels and restaurants offer cooking classes here and you will be sure to have a great day learning how to prepare these dishes with experts. Some cooking courses also include a trip to a local market so do take advantage of this unforgettable experience!

Club Med Phuket is the perfect holiday destination for couples, families and friends as we provide not just a wonderful stay and the best hospitality, but our activities are also catered to ensure our guests have a good time. Whether it is a day trip to Big Buddha or a Thai cooking class, there is something for everyone when you stay with us.