Not only is it famous for its temples, Bali is also known for the best surf breaks. Its position in the Indian Ocean makes it a surfer's paradise. If you're looking to experience something different, stop by Club Med Bali. With plenty of relaxing places, beautiful beaches and local culture, it's a sanctuary for families and friends on the shores of Nusa Dua looking for surf and beyond.

Surf at…

  • Sri Lanka Beach: Just after your breakfast, take a quick walk to Club Med Bali's backyard beach. Grab your board and enjoy a sunrise session before the resort livens up.

  • Uluwatu Beach: Uluwatu is more than one of the world’s best surf breaks. Home to one of Bali's most magnificent temples, Pura Uluwatu Temple, you'll want to squeeze in an hour or two for this must-see cultural highlight.

  • Padang Padang Beach: Craving for Hawaii-esque pipelines? Head over to Padang Padang beach and challenge surf barrels of up to 50m.

Relax at…

  • Adults-only Zen pool: The place to go for some peace and quiet post-surf adventure. Exclusively for adults, take advantage of your all-inclusive package and indulge in beverages of your choice at this idyllic location by the sea.

  • Club Med Spa by Mandara: For all things pampering, here's where you can treat your sun-kissed skin with a variety of treatments. From massages to body scrubs, find total rejuvenation within hours of your spa session.

Eat at…

  • Agung Restaurant: For both Balinese and international delights served in an elegant buffet-style, this is the restaurant to book in to fulfill all the cravings you can think of.
  • The Deck specialty restaurant: The perfect place to end the night with friends and family. Indulge in local flavours, fresh seafood and refreshing beverages as you enjoy the Bali breeze.
  • Local restaurants: Support local businesses throughout the island of Bali, such as Motel Mexicola for fish tacos, cool beverages and good music.

Stretch at…

  • The beach: Strengthen and stretch out your sore muscles from the surf on a guided pilates session by the beach.

  • The pergola: For a relaxing, less intense yoga session, the pergola sets the scene for those looking for a mental and physical refresh in nature.

Party at…

  • The Beach Bar: For a couple of casual drinks to wrap up the night, this elegant refurbished beachside bar is where drinks are shared and memories are made.
  • Single Fin: When we think of unique bars in Bali, we think of Single Fin. Known as Uluwatu's hippest cliff-top bar, having a sunset drink on the edge of a cliff with views of the beautiful horizon at sunset is a must when in Bali.
  • Kuta Beach: This popular beach livens up when the sun goes down. You'll find many travelers alike settling on the beach and celebrating yet another eventful day on the beautiful island of Bali.

Ready to be immersed in the treasures of Bali? With so many activities and places to venture, from surf to spas, it's time to discover Club Med Bali, a place with a perfect balance of culture and well-being.