Greece offers an archipelago of magic with hundreds of islands promising sun, sea, sand and the excitement of a rich culture and world famous history. We all want different things from our holiday so which island would suit you best? Despite the vast choice available, we have chosen the best in class for your type of experience whether it is pure beach relaxation or something a little bit more thrilling.

Paradise at a cheaper price

The Cyclades is the home to world-famous gems such as Santorini and Mykonos. But with that popularity comes a certain cost. Restaurants are able to charge more (and you will spend longer waiting in line) and the most famous beaches sometimes make you pay for the pleasure of sitting on them. For those who want to save the pennies but still want to experience the beauty there are a number of options, but we are recommending Naxos.

Naxos is actually the largest island in the Cyclades which means there are many stretches of (free) beaches for you to lie out on without the big crowds. In fact you could spend your entire week at Plaka or Agios Prokopios beaches which some consider amongst the most beautiful in all of Greece. The sand seems even whiter and finer here and the sea takes on an even deeper shade of blue. There are also plenty of watersports to enjoy

For those who love exploring streets, Chora, the capital of Naxos, offers as much enjoyment as any of its more famous cousins. The houses are the familiar whitewashed walls with blue domes. If you want ruins then you will find them in abundance in Naxos. Monasteries, castles and ancient temples are waiting to be discovered including Panagia Drosiani church, Kalamitsia Monastery, and Demeter temple. In short, Naxos gives you all the pleasures of the big boys without the big price. You should seriously consider it even if you are not on a budget.

A classic for couples

When looking at the best Greek island for a romantic couple then it is hard to look past Santorini. If you were to picture Greece in your head then you are likely to see the pure white Cycladic buildings overlooking the perfect sea. And in real life it really is that gorgeous and romantic. Everything on the island seems to have been specially created for magic moments and must keep photographs.

When it comes to day trips, Oia village combines breathtaking architecture, traditional ambience and a view of the Aegean sea that you could both simply stare at for the rest of your holiday. Combined with nearby first class restaurants and charming art galleries, and you have the ideal romantic experience.

Looking for a long walk together? The 10km path from Fira to Oia is surely one of the most picturesque in Europe. Or, if you fancy a shared thrill, why not book a tour to dance on the edge of the volcano that shaped the entire island? Helicopter tours add the excitement of flying to the experience. An almost endless list of things to do and see just make this wonderful surroundings even more special. We are in love.

Crete - the all rounder

If you are taking the family to Greece and are worried that not everyone may find something to do then Crete is the destination that has it all. The largest island in Greece, the variety of experiences available makes it perfect for everyone from beach loungers, fun park fanatics and those who like to add some adrenaline to their time away from home.

Choose North or South or somewhere in between. Chania in the North offers a beautiful old harbour where you can while the day away watching boats pootle in and out while you enjoy fresh octopus in a local taverna. It has a lively town with the right mix of restaurants and tourist spots to keep everyone entertained. The capital Heraklion in the East is equally as compelling, featuring closer proximity to some of the ancient ruins such as Knossos Palace.

Inland, the deep gorges and spectacular mountains are maybe best explored on an official tour. Rock climbers can find their thrills here and you can take everyone mountain biking for a fun few hours. Families can visit vineyards, meet farmers and enjoy delicious lamb dishes under a blue sky

Total beach heaven

Which Greek Island has the best beaches? We could provide 200 answers to that question and each would have its own justifications. But we are going to choose Mykonos, not necessarily because it has the very best beaches but because of the sheer choice available from the busy resort to the ‘why has no-one discovered this place yet?’. The golden sands are alive with laughter and fun, you will find people dancing on the tables at the many local restaurants. Pizza is always readily available to top up your energy levels and a nearby camping ground means you can save pennies on accommodation.

If you don't mind a few tourists and want access to water sports and brilliant restaurants then you can't go wrong with Platis Gialos which is only a few kilometers from the main Mykonos Town. Hire a chair for the day and just soak up the clear, tranquil waters or go to the watersports dock and jump on a boat or fly into the sky attached to a parachute. You cannot beat a glass bottom boat tour to get to know the local inhabitants up close.

You will need a car or taxi to get to Fokos beach but when you get there you will find a little piece of secluded heaven. It is the beach you need when you want to get away from it all. It is not completely away from civilization and the local taverna means you can enjoy some amazing food when you’re taking a break from the peace and quiet.

Perfect for partygoers

Mykonos may be the most notorious island for nightlife but we are choosing Corfu as the island that also offers a great cultural experience as well as places to dance your early hours away. It is somewhere where you can boost energy levels with a delicious meal at a traditional taverna before heading for a superclub and some of the latest sounds.

When it comes to choosing where to go, it is hard to avoid Corfu’s ‘disco strip’ which is a short distance from the North of the town centre. Here you will find a great mixture of trendy bars and nightclubs, many of which offer amazing views over the sea. The vibe is cosmopolitan as the youngsters show the politicians how easy it is for nations to get along, all unified in their love of a good time. Corfu town itself can also hold its own amongst the competition. We would recommend heading to the rooftop bar at Cavalieri hotel for a sensational landscape to go with your holiday cocktails.

Kavos, south of the island, has a global reputation for good times and should certainly be sought out for those looking for a premium clubbing experience, Another strip of bars, restaurants and clubs include the renowned Future and Atlantis and are the place to be in the summer. The good news is that the close-by beach offers a great place to chill out and catch some sleep after a hard night on the dancefloor. If you are looking for an all day party then consider the Liston Promenade where the action starts early with bars and cafes opening in the morning and festivities carrying on well into the night. The whole area hums with fun and activity and it is also a great place to people watch for those who just want to relax a little.

The adventurous spirit

Throughout the Greek islands holidaymakers who love to spend their time walking, climbing, surfing and riding will find plenty to keep them occupied. We are focusing on all the family and consider Rhodes to be a great choice in terms of its mixture of parks, diving opportunities, places to discover and ancient monuments. All of this on top of an island that truly delivers when it comes to wining dining, lazy beach days and cultural immersion.

4x4s are rightfully a popular way to explore and you can book excursions that take you through the glorious Butterfly Valley with stop offs to try the local wine and honey as well as experiencing life in one of the local villages, Get closer to nature by booking a quad bike tour, enjoying all the lumps and bumps as you traverse across the glorious landscape.

If you have the head for heights then there are plenty of cliffs to be conquered in Rhodes. Once again all levels are catered for and there are safe ways to introduce the kids to the excitement of traversing a steep face. A Pick up a stout stick, put on your toughest shoes and hike around the island finding the amazing relics of the past on your way and truly appreciating the local nature.

Whatever you choose we will see you on the beach later.

Just brilliant to visit

How about a Greek island that simply sums up the best of everything about a holiday to Greece? Kefalonia has had a tourist surge in recent years thanks to it being the setting for the hugely popular Captain Correlli’s Mandolin. However, it has always been somewhere that provides a purely pleasurable experience right across the island. The beaches are magnificent and slightly rugged in places. Myrtos and Etani are probably the two most notable, offering dramatic surroundings as well as the pure waters you expect from your Agean experience.

The mountains inland mean a whole host of activities are also available for those who want to spend less time on the sand. Rock climbing is exciting, there are caves with spectacular stalagmites and underground lakes that the entire family can enjoy. You will even find hidden churches amongst the rocks. Your kids will also love the turtles that often swim ashore to lay their eggs in Assos village or pick up the spare fish thrown by the trawlers in the lovely port town of Argostoli. Assos itself will make your heart melt with the sheer beauty of its 19th century architecture.

Long walks, boat trips to Ithaca, home of Odysseus, delicious local cuisine and people who are genuinely friendly and happy to make your stay as good as it can be. On top of this, Kefalonia is easily accessible with cheap flights arriving at a lovely little airport that will quickly take you to your destination of choice. Kefalonia is utterly beautiful. And if you are looking for an island that fits in with the things you love to do then you cannot go wrong.

Luxury island

How can you enjoy a truly relaxing and luxurious getaway in Greece? The answer is, of course, Club Med. Our Gregolimano report is the ideal choice for your all-inclusive family beach holidays in Greece on the beautiful island of Evia. In front of you is a beautiful stretch of golden sand. Behind you picturesque mountains and an area of lush greenery is just waiting to be explore.

The resort has a brilliant mix of things to do for all the family including a mix of exciting water sports in the sea and relaxation among the olive trees. Children can find adventure with our all-day kid's clubs. After the excitement, relax on a golden beach or on a swaying hammock in the tranquil pine forest. Dine on gourmet cuisine, find your favourite drink at the open bar and enjoy a night at the modern Greek theatre.

Evia is Greece’s second largest island after Crete. There are numerous villages, beaches and historic sites to explore in the surrounding area, including Saint-Georges and Aedipsos: Greece’s most well-known and cosmopolitan seaside resort. Rich in mediaeval history, there are numerous historic convents in the region. You will never get bored with activities such as hiking, diving and cycling.