Where else will you enjoy a more symbolic Carnival celebration?

The Carnival features outstanding costumes, wild music and colourful parades. You can visit Brazil and experience the Carnival and rhythms of the samba.

From an ancient foreign tradition to the biggest festival in Brazil

The Carnival is the top cultural and festive event in Brazil! It originally involved mass celebrations started by Greeks to honour Dionysus, the god of wine. It was later revived by Romans, imported into Europe and infused with African influences, especially the costumes. Since then, the Carnival has evolved greatly. Ancient African slaves in Brazil introduced Samba dance and music, which have been an integral part of Brazilian carnivals for more than a century and have come to be closely associated to the Carnival and contemporary Brazilian culture.

Nowadays, huge extravagant festivals take place every year in most cities of the country. Although the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the most symbolic and spectacular, the entire country is transformed into an extraordinary and uninterrupted festival arena for some days. Enormous feasts take place in Rio das Pedras, São Paulo, Itaparica, Trancoso, Recife-Olinda, Florianopolis and Salvador de Bahia. Even the most isolated villages hold events with the resources at their disposal! The Carnival is sacred in Brazil

Did you know?

Even though Samba is part of the national identity of Brazil, the musical genre and dance form came from Africa, particularly during the period of the West African slave trade. It became popular in Brazil and is known globally as a very strong symbol of the country and its carnival. A national Samba Day is even celebrated at the end of the year!

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Enjoy the thrills and pleasure of the Brazilian Carnival

The simple principle that underpins the Brazilian carnival is to enjoy all the possible and imaginable earthly pleasures to the maximum possible extent before a period of fasting and self-deprivation that begins on Ash Wednesday. It is a time of pure joy, extravagant colours, lots of energy and pure pleasure. However, the celebrations do not start on that very day. The preparations for these festivities begin weeks before the launching of the Carnival. The Brazilian Carnival is a truly incomparable experience because an entire country resonates with the extravagance of the festival.

Did you know?

The preparations and rehearsals for the Carnival are considered as real joys and not as chores. If you visit Brazil during the preparations for the carnival, you may observe the euphoria of the locals as they get ready for street performances, samba parades and blocos and especially the extremely lively atmosphere in Cariocas. This is the calm before the (joyful) storm!

Make the most of the Carnival in Brazil!

During this period, the Latin American Country invests a lot of resources on dancers, costumes, decorations, music, events and activities in order to showcase it to the whole world. If you are contemplating a trip to Brazil and you are wondering when to go, you probably have a clear idea by now. Logically, this is also the period when there is a flood of tourists desiring to celebrate the most important festival of the country with the local population. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a colourful stay!

However, you can enjoy much more than the Carnival in Brazil. The second biggest natural reserve in the country is a “wonder of fauna and flora”. This is the slogan used to describe the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic Forest), which is located within walking distance of Rio das Pedras, slightly to the south of Rio de Janeiro.

Samba, confetti showers, exuberant costumes, colourful parades and extravaganza await you at the Brazilian Carnival. Go off the beaten paths and explore other folkloric and festive carnivals apart from the one in Rio.