Celebrate Christmas in Japan as a couple or with friends!

As Christmas approaches in Japan, the towns are decorated in gold and colourful lights. Embark on a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun and celebrate at the other end of the world.

Head for Tokyo for the celebrations

Fly to Tokyo in late December and explore the magic of Christmas in the Japanese way. You will surely be captivated by the numerous lights that adorn the entire city. There are lights everywhere in Tokyo! Walk in the most decorated neighbourhoods like Midtown, Tokyo Dome City and its Love Tunnel or Omotesando!

There are great destinations in Tokyo, and you should explore them before you go to the numerous markets in the city. Some of the places you can visit are Tsukiji - the famous fish market - or the Meiji Shinto Sanctuary. Walk in the midst of the crowd in Shibuya, on the famous giant pedestrian walkway close to the Shibuya Metro Station! After a great day of walking, get immersed in the Christmas ambiance in Roppongi, one of the most famous Christmas markets in the city. You can do your late shopping in small cabins that sell craftworks

Celebrate Christmas as a couple in Japan

Have you decided to spend Christmas in Japan with your better half? It is an excellent idea since Christmas is generally seen as a romantic celebration there. On the evening of Christmas Eve, go for a walk hand-in-hand and dine one-on-one in a restaurant. There is often a lot of people, so plan ahead and consider making a reservation! After your festive meal, taste the famous “Christmas Cake”, generally decorated with small Christmas figurines.

In keeping with Japanese tradition, visit one of the numerous Love Hotels in the country! These intimate hotels are highly popular in Japan, particularly during Christmas Eve. Christmas is seen as a splendid romantic period in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Did you know?

The Christmas Cake is very popular in Japan. It is a light and spongy dessert garnished with beaten cream, Chantilly or chocolate icing, all covered with strawberries. It is found in all street corners during the festive period!

Celebrate Christmas in Japan in our all-inclusive resorts

Christmas is a friendly celebration in Japan

In Japan, Christmas is a friendly and warm celebration that the Japanese usually spend with friends. During the end-of-year celebrations, you should not be surprised to see groups of friends celebrating Christmas together on the evening of Christmas Eve. The festive meals are generally very simple and restaurants often offer western menus, but it is also in vogue to spend Christmas enjoying a pizza as a family or with friends. Therefore, your holiday in Japan is an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in another way!

Enjoy a completely authentic Christmas stay when you visit Disneyland Tokyo! The park is decorated with numerous lights beginning from November. Your children will be delighted to

spend Christmas in Disneyland Tokyo where they can enjoy light shows and Christmas parades just like thousands of Japanese children! You will be captivated by the festive and warm atmosphere of the park and its breathtaking scenery. Create great memories when you spend Christmas in Japan as a family.

Celebrate Christmas in another way in Japan and immerse yourself in the different traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun. Spend time with your family and enjoy the lights in Japan during Christmas!

Did you know?

In Japan, the chicken from a particular big fast-food chain is in very high demand during Christmas! Moreover, it is generally necessary to order more than one week in advance if you want to have your fried chicken ready for Christmas Eve! This custom dates back to the 1970s. At that time, the big fast-food chain was the only one to offer fried chicken, with high demand from Western expatriates. Since then, the Japanese have kept this custom alive during Christmas Eve.