Enjoy your Christmas holidays in a country with a rich culture

Turkey is the travel and discovery destination for your end-of-year holidays. From its paradisal beaches to its hospitable people and eclectic landscapes, Turkey is the ideal destination for a family Christmas holiday!

Christmas celebrations in Antalya, in the southern part of the country

Antalya, also called "the Turkish Riviera" is the ideal starting point for a Christmas visit to the entire southern part of Turkey. You must not miss the cultural treasures of this pleasant sea resort. Whether you like lying down on the beach, touring monuments or admiring the beautiful landscape, you will not be disappointed in Antalya. Visit the old Antalya port and not far from there, you will find the 38 metre-tall grooved minaret, which is the emblem of the city. You should also visit Alaaddin mosque where you will get a panoramic view of the town centre and the sea. Visit at sunset to see the beautiful lights!

Take a journey into the history of Turkey by visiting emblematic archaeological sites like the Aspendos theatre or Perge and Termessos. These are superb sites that are reminiscent of the rich history of Turkey, from the ancient city to Roman ruins. You can then relax and enjoy family time around a Christmas tree. Gather for a delicious meal of traditional festive dishes. There are mezzes of all kinds, egg-based Turkish menemen, pepper and tomatoes or mantis, small home-made raviolis served with yoghurt and tomatoes. One thing is sure: you will enjoy Christmas meals in Turkey!

Did you know?

Mezzes are small appetizers to be taken before dinner. In Turkey, meals with family or friends always include mezzes. There are many types, with raw fruits and vegetables, meat, vegetables and fish or yoghurt. You must not miss this aspect of Turkish cuisine!

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Celebrate Christmas in the beautiful city of Istanbul

Christmas in Istanbul, Turkey. This is a fascinating city with many cultural influences! It lights up during the holidays and takes you into a magical atmosphere. It is both modern and historic, with incredible treasures like the Saint Sophia basilica, which has become a museum. Do not miss the Basilica Cistern, also called the Sunken Palace. The blue mosque is the most visited monument in Istanbul and this is understandable! It is the most beautiful mosque in the city with very beautiful blue earthenware tiles and domes. You will surely enjoy a lively atmosphere at the Grand Bazaar! This is the biggest market in the world and extends over more than 200,000 m². You will find gifts and souvenirs to take back home!

You can conclude your shopping at the Istanbul Christmas market. The different markets have local artwork, food and breathtaking shows and you will surely enjoy a lovely time with your children at Christmas. Try a different Christmas meal and eat delicious kebab, a traditional Turkish dish, or borek, a popular cheese pastry. Turkish pastries are very delicious! Enjoy baklava or lokums when you celebrate Christmas in Turkey

Christmas in Turkey: explore Izmir

To celebrate Christmas in Turkey, explore Izmir, the third largest city in the country, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. In Izmir, you will enjoy total immersion into the Oriental culture. Walk around in the biggest commercial street of the city and stroll into the local shops. At the end of the street, on Konak Square, admire the watchtower, the emblem of Izmir. With a height of 25 metres, the tower is a veritable landmark. For a cultural break, go to the city’s archaeological museum. There, you will enjoy an exciting journey back in time when you see items that were found in ancient sites from all over the region!

The lights and decorations in Izmir will take you and your children into a breathtaking atmosphere. When you celebrate Christmas in Turkey, you can enjoy the gentle temperatures and stroll in the streets, eating hot chestnuts and perceiving the aroma of Mediterranean cuisine. You will surely catch a glimpse of Santa strolling down the streets of the city, a magical moment for both children and adults!