The Diving Spots You Must Not Miss in Japan

Amateur underwater divers, did you know that the Empire of the Rising sun is made up of 6,852 islands? With a coastline that is so vast, the potential of the seabed is infinite. Go diving in Japan in the spirit of complete adventure. This portion of the Pacific Ocean provides a vast area for diving and you can explore big pelagic fishes like hammerhead sharks and manta rays and explore numerous shipwrecks dating back to the Second World War.

Diving in Japan: Okinawa, the secret divers’ paradise

Okinawa enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year and has established itself as one of the most beautiful diving destinations in Japan. Its shoals of multi-coloured fishes swim against the background of magnificent coral reefs, making it a very popular destination: you will find sea turtles, humpback whales or even the famous clown fish. The island is surrounded by the world’s most beautiful beaches and the warm currents contribute to the preservation of the coral reefs, which host more than 200 species.

Kume Island is one of the places you can include on your list. This site has many species: humpback whales, manta rays and even dogtooth tuna. Miyako is a reserved spot for experienced divers, because it is essentially made up of vaults and caves. Hold your torchlight and explore the priceless seabed. Yaeyama is another diving spot that is worthy of mention. It allows you to explore the diversity of the fauna in the waters of Okinawa. There, among the magnificent coral reefs, you will find the mistress of the landscape - the manta ray.

Did you know?

Even though it is often seen as a defensive sport, Karate is so much more than that. First of all, it is a martial art which originated from Okinawa. Beyond self-defence, this discipline aims for oneness of the body and spirit. This art of combat requires the development of great mental abilities: concentration, initiative, serenity, decision making, etc.

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Yonaguni and Kerama, sublime and unusual seascapes

Yonaguni Island is well-known for its underwater ruins and researchers are still debating the origin of a mysterious pyramid.
A short distance from the coast, you will be thrilled and amazed to discover an unusual fascinating seascape that was surely created by tectonic plate activity.
The Kerama Archipelago comprises of 20 islands of various sizes, it has more than 50 diving destinations, with alternating elevations, depressions and canyons. Its unique feature is its exceptional crystal-clear water: you can see the seabed from the water surface and it is a great opportunity to take memorable underwater photographs.
More than 1,600 invertebrate species are found in this area. Don't hesitate to make a detour to Zamami Island where you will find many sea turtles that come to lay eggs. This is the ideal location for taking lessons and getting initiated into diving.

Snorkeling, the aquatic sport that you must try out

This recreational activity requires little equipment: mask, snorkel and fins are enough. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique experience at the heart of a fascinating marine universe.

Diving in Japan: breathe in the hot and cold air in Hokkaido

When the sea ice starts to melt, diving activities in Hokkaido take place essentially on the Shiretoko peninsula. Ice diving is reserved for experienced and bold divers. The session is relatively short due to the temperature of the water: it includes an underwater stroll for about half an hour and a maximum of 15 metres. The environment in which you swim will seem unreal and dreamlike to you, mostly due to the rays of light that you will see when the sunlight penetrates the ice. You will see small scintillating molluscs called sea angels. Without doubt, the most beautiful place in the region is the Shikotsu Lake, which is of volcanic origin. It is known for having the clearest water in the country. It is ideal for tuba diving throughout the year.

Without doubt, the best kept secret of divers in Japan is the treasure of its seabed. Go on a diving trip to Japan, it is an opportunity to discover one of the biggest coral reefs in the world. Do not hesitate to go for holidays in the Land of the Rising Sun and discover its hidden pelagic treasures.

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