What are the things you should bear in mind when planning to go to Bali as a family?

Do you dream of exploring the wonders of Bali with your children? Would you like to explore another culture or simply enjoy the numerous activities and beaches with your children? Going on a family trip to Bali is an excellent way to enjoy sightseeing and fun activities together.

Explore Bali as a family!

Bali is a child-friendly destination. Your children will surely not be bored on this island. Bali offers a wide range of activities for the entire family. For example, you can tour the island on bicycle. You can stop at any time to catch your breath or go off the beaten path to find paradisal beaches.

It is great to explore the seabed. When you go on a family trip to Bali, you will see paradisal beaches where you can put on your flippers, mask and snorkel and discover the seabed of the Indonesian island. Parents and children can take part in this unique activity.

When should you go to Bali as a family?

Are you wondering what the best time for going to Bali with your children is? On Bali Island, the dry season starts in May and ends in November. This season is an opportunity to explore verdant landscapes and a rich natural environment. This is the best time for visiting Bali as a family. Avoid the Indonesian rainy season which extends from January to April.

All-inclusive family holiday in Bali





Indonesia is a place where magical landscapes merge with a rich culture. It is a great thing if you desire to explore the country! Your children will be delighted to see the animals. Bali has a very rich fauna. For example, you can explore the Monkey Forest in Ubud, a totally-traditional top-destination in Indonesia. On Bali island, there are also numerous zoos and parks including Bali Reptile Park, Hidden Canyon Mini Zoo, Bali Safari and Marine Park or Gianyar Zoo. You will be spoilt for choice.

You should visit a Buddhist temple when you travel to Bali as a family. This activity is an ideal opportunity for you to get immersed in Buddhist culture, which has a strong presence in Indonesia. It is great to visit these Buddhist temples in order to explore their architecture, history and culture. Explore Balinese food culture with your children. For breakfast, you can try the traditional dishes of Bali: Sate Ayam and Gule (chicken skewers, peanut sauce and lamb soup), Ayam Betutu (a dish based on stuffed and very spicy chicken), Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken with tofu and aubergine), or Mie Goreng (fried noodles).

Bali is an ideal destination for family trips. Adults and children will be delighted by the numerous activities on the island. A guaranteed getaway experience awaits you. Visit as a family and explore a different culture and the rich fauna and flora.

Visit Nusa Dua

Located in the south of Bali, Nusa Dua is a small paradise for family trips. This seaside resort offers many water-based activities like jet skiing, surfing, diving, stand-up paddling, etc. The fine sand beaches are perfect for family relaxation. You can ride a bicycle through Jatiluwih rice terraces after a great breakfast. At Nusa Dua, you will surely be thrilled to see traditional Balinese dance shows.